The Aodyo company

Aodyo is a French company that deserves some attention from the expressive electronic community.

The Sylphyo

Their first product was the Sylphyo, an electronic wind instrument with built-in sound generation (not just a controller). It seems to work quite well.

The Anyma Phi

Next they produced the Anyma Phi, a monophonic-paraphonic, semi-modular, digital synth that includes physical modeling algorithms.

The Anyma Phi features a USB Host port, an uncommon feature allowing the direct connection of many MPE controllers. Unfortunately, the Anyma Phi USB Host port has several limitations that I detailed in a post on the Aodyo forum.

The Anyma Omega

Last but not least interesting is the upcoming Anyma Omega, a 16-voice, MPE version of the Anyma Phi, with a much improved front panel and both a desktop module and a keyboard version.

After a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, it’s now available for pre-order on Indiegogo.


I did some playing with it, at last Superbooth :wink:

yeah, I think many of us know about it …
(though for some reason the company name (Aodyo) is completely forgettable, no idea why, I only ever remember the product names)

as a fan of physical modelling… I also looked very closely at the Anyma Phi,
but it was at a just time Id got into Eurorack, primarily for Elements and Rings…
Id also ported these to various platforms include rPI/Axoloti and Organelle, so had quite a few options in this area… and so the Phi’s limited ‘polyphony’ limited its appeal.

if it had been a year earlier, Id have probably bought it… and might have even prevented my Eurorack journey (well, at least postponed it :))

Anyma Omega is a similar story, again wow, finally they get polyphony…
but its announced at around the same time my Osmose was scheduled to be delivered, and the Eagan Matrix has more appeal to me than the Omega.
so yet again, if it had been 12 months earlier, Id have probably bought it.

so its been ‘unlucky’ timing for me and Aodyo…
each time, whilst its a great product, but Ive just invested in something similar/or scratches the itch, so don’t really have the urge/$

note: Im not suggesting the alternatives Ive listed are ‘comparable’, rather they are in a similar area… so with so much choice available… and for my needs , they are ‘close enough’

(the Slypho was interesting too… but really the Eigenharp’s covered my, limited, interest in wind/breath control)

but hey… indeed they are an interesting company, and do create products that are in my ‘interest zone’.
so I could imagine, one day the timing will be right, and they will release a product I’ll buy :slight_smile:

Did you get feedback whether these issues will be/are solved for the 16 voice version?
This would imho be crucial, at least for the desktop version. Many controllers just provide USB-client ports (and no DIN MIDI anymore) these days.


How would you compare it to Eagan Matrix? Is patching just from the controller viable or would this also depend on a software editor realistically?

Ok, 5 kg for the Omega desktop version, so the combo Omega+Linnstrument would weight about as much as an Osmose. From a portability aspect most notebooks would win as a sound source, so the hands-on-approach should better be worth it :slight_smile:

No reply on the forum yet. I also asked in the Kickstarter comments. Maybe they’re investigating, or maybe they’re waiting to see what other customers think (hint, hint).


I just flipped thru the few presents nothing too deep.
Ziv to the rescue :wink:


Thanks, interesting video!
So a lot of possibilities, but one should better get good at preset making…

For Eagan Matrix I honestly only scratched the surface of the HakenEditor. (Still on the TODO list to dig deeper…) But ContinuuMini and Osmose also work great out of the box, because most of the hundreds of Ed Eagan presets are really good!


I like wind controllers, mainly use the EWI with a VL70m, another physical modelling box. Some of the wind sounds on that, especially the ones programmed by Patchman Music, are superb. I couldn’t get excited about any of the breath-controlled sounds I heard from the Anyma Phi though.

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I started a similar thread on KVR Audio for the Anyma Omega.

I claimed an Anyma Omega Desktop and actively keep track of any updates from the Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaigns, so I will be sure to mention them in both threads.

Sometime soon, I want to fully transition to Poly Expression instead of using the Roger Linn Design board since the latter is primarily for product support. I will still be active there for that explicit purpose.

New July 17th update from Aodyo on Kickstarter and Indiegogo for the Anyma Omega:

The Anyma Omega Deskop Spring EA3 batch has been fully claimed, being replaced by an Anyma Omega Desktop Summer EA batch, discounted at 20% off instead of 25% and estimated to ship January 2024 next year. Two additional keyboards were claimed, with the updated inventory quantity now being:

  • Anyma Omega Desktop Summer EA - 0 out of 5
  • Anyma Omega Keyboard Spring EA - 4 out of 10
  • Anyma Omega Duo Spring EA - 0 out of 3

September 18th news from Aodyo on Kickstarter and Indiegogo:

Quantity of units in each perk are now:

  • Anyma Omega Desktop Summer EA - 2 out of 5
  • Anyma Omega Keyboard Spring EA - 5 out of 10
  • Anyma Omega Duo Spring EA - 1 out of 3