The Big Osmose Video - Sonic LAB


How come the pre-sets on this video have numbers before then ?!

User Presets are numbered 1 > 128.

Not on my Osmose they aren’t! Pre - 1 firmware (or a newer firmware?)

You are advised to update as soon as possible!!

they are if you update to firmware 1.0 :wink:

yeah, Im pretty sure, something in the Osmose Box tells you to update the firmware, as the Osmose is not loaded with the ‘final firmware’ from the factory.

btw: @SLiC prepare for a wait… the firmware update takes quite a while (15 mins?)

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I was on the latest firmware, I missed that all the pre-sets played are from the user bank (they are numbered) not the factory bank (they are not numbered)

They are obviously using the user bank as favourites as well!

@SLiC 19h ago I have written just that!?!?

Sorry, I missed the word ‘User’ when I read your post, just read your were numbered - Its because the were playing pre-sets from the ‘factory’ bank I got confused (I get confused often!)

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got around to watching this… its a really nice video,
Christopher (?) goes a really good job of demonstrating a lot of different uses.

a few surprises for me…

a) Approachability
amazing to see hear much effort Expressive E has made it to be approachable (too ‘traditional’ keyboard players) - obviously Roli (seaboard) wanted to make an expressive keyboard, but for many it was still not close enough… the layout alone was not enough.
feels like expressive-e really took this on board, to the extent of making it very usable with limited or even no expression.

b) Eagan Matrix
its quite interesting to see how they talk around the EM.
on one hand, its without doubt, the strength of the Osmose… making it what it is.
but you can also feel… they know its complexity/the external editor code for some make it the Osmose achilles heel.

I think the difficult ‘sell’ here, is trying to get over how deep each preset is in a presentation.
I wonder if haken should have not used the term ‘preset’ as its so loaded for many…
perhaps something like ‘instrument model’ would have been better.

anyway from comments so far, seems like ExpressiveE/Osmose have hit a nice sweet spot.

give price point it won’t be for ‘the masses’ , but I think we are going to see it around a lot.

though, the proof really will be in (say) two years time…
how many are still using their Osmose, and for how many will it be a bit of a ‘fling’?

But I really dont care. I love my Osmose :heart:, doesnt matter what others think.