The Trautonium - 1930s tube synthesizer

Pressure-sensitive ribbon-controller subharmonic oscillator vacuum tube synthesizer dating back to 1929. “Tongues” can be used for fixed pitches.

I’ve read a lot about early electronic instruments but I think this was new to me. Heard about it from a link someone posted in a Facebook discussion about Hindemith:

Custom-built Trautoniums, including a CV/gate model for use with modular synths:

Detailed technical discussion:

Doepfer Eurorack A-113 subharmonic generator:


Cool! Particularly the acoustic-instrument like sounds in the Hindemeth piece are great!

Always goosebumps about that chord progression… (first video)

My last travel…This one is in Brussels - MIM
Staring… amazed

Berlin 05/2018

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What’s that first one? Its manual looks like separate metal pads rather than the usual long ribbon.

Unfortunately I only have that photo…
It just seems its missing the “wire”

edit: no info on also…

And don’t forget the wonderful performance at Superbooth last year:


Thanks for sharing this. Interesting controller design. And interesting that Telefunken manufactured a version for the consumer market.