Tool for archiving Google+ communities to discourse

Hi All,
Just saw this on hackaday. Someone has written a tool that allows for archiving Google+ communities to a discourse server, retaining post ownership etc. I wonder if it’s worth archiving the Eigenharp Google+ community.

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@NothanUmber was working on some ideas about G+…?!?

Sorry for the late response. Yes, have started to create a read-only archive of the Google+ postings. The postings got all imported, still struggling to get all comments converted. Still doing some experiments (have tried to tackle it by splitting up the postings and comments into smaller files. Cannot import them all at once because there is an odd limit how many files can be imported per day (no matter the size) in Blogger. Also started to experiment with Wordpress because of that. Will post here in the next days.


Hi everybody,

have created a Blogger archive of the Google+ postings here:

Have been using the Google+ Exporter from here (have bought a license, our community is too big for the demo version :slight_smile: ):
All postings were transferred, but unfortunately I couldn’t get some comments to be imported properly.
Have retried today with the latest version of the Google+ Exporter, have tried to import everything at once or cut it in 10 pieces (and imported it over several days because Blogger only allows a limited amount of import attempts per day). Still no luck.
Also tried the Wordpress variant instead of Blogger (created a free cloud hosted Wordpress blog). It is importing since two weeks, not sure whether it will ever finish…

As time is running out - if somebody else wants to give this a try, please contact me, then I will give you author rights. Otherwise the Blogger archive is as complete as it gets, would probably delete the Wordpress one again.

In case you want articles of yourself deleted please also contact me - this is of course no problem and can be done now or at any point in time you wish! (Will also make an additional posting on G+ early next week)


Good news everyone, found the magic character that lead to problems:
Once removed I could import (allmost (*) all comments now.

*: a hand full comments remain that were longer than 4096 characters - which the importer refuses to process…


It looks good.
When I clicked ‘Show More’ at the bottom of the page it took me back to the top of the page, but didn’t load any more posts. Is this normal?

Hm, it takes me to the top - but with other postings. Do you have Javascript disabled?

As far as I know Javascript is enabled. Only checked using Firefox v66.0.2 on Ubuntu 16.04

looks like G+ communities have now gone :sob:
funny, though, all posts/comment i made - are still viible, just they stay ‘shared privately’

Odd, checked with Firefox on Windows and Mac, can’t reproduce it (no matter whether logged in or not, so it doesn’t look like a rights thing). Do you get this behavior for all blogspot blogs or just that one?