Trill Sensors & Craft board from Bela

if you interested in creating your own instruments or control surfaces these are interesting :slight_smile:


It’s funny. I come here every day or two to look for new posts, and still managed to miss this campaign in its entirety.

yeah, Ive the same problem with KS… so often I find out about them way to late!
with this one, Ive got Bela already, so Im not their mailing list.

funny, I had to device the other day what combination of sensors I wanted…
but given I hadn’t decide what exactly I was planning it was a bit tricky.

Ive got quite a few ideas for projects,
i think i’ll do something fairly simple initially, just so i dont procrastinate indefinitely :wink:

I’m mostly looking for three bars, I think. Though, I wouldn’t mind having both X and Y readings on there.

So, an XY pad with some kind of overlay to divide it.

…so, a Sensel Morph.

(Your way is cheaper)

Can you join multiply bar modules to make a longer pitch strip sensor?

supposed to not have a gap, so yes.
(you’d just have to combine the readings in software)

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Ordered some to play around. Particularly the Craft one looks interesting. Perhaps a low-cost big touch-sensitive surface can be realized with that one if touch-size detection and and precision is high enough? Nice thing with capacitive technology is that it should react to the slightest touch. We’ll find out :slight_smile:

You ordered them during the campaign?

(If there’s an order form outside of it, I wasn’t able to find that)

yepp, during the campaign.

Ah. I’ll get some eventually.

Just came up with an obvious use case, though not an expressive one:

A pair of bars, set to a right angle at the corner of a grid controller, could function as scrollbars, allowing that grid to be a window into much larger control spaces.

I’m not sure what detecting multiple fingers could be used for in that scenario.

Like, it wastes a ton of potential. But it also creates a ton of potential.


Sounds cool! Not every feature needs to be used in all cases :slight_smile:
That said, if I understood it right then the square Trill actually supports multitouch, it just cannot say which y positions belong to which x positions, just just get a list of both. So one could e.g. play chords on a horizontal “string” (which string could be determined e.g. by the lowest or highest y position). Building a big surface with the squares would need quite many of those, but your x/y bars might be a good idea to get more out of just one square…

multi touch is quite useful on sliders… think gestures. e.g. use 2 touches as a ‘pinch’ gesture to zoom in…
e.g. imagine a strip used for ‘cutoff’ , single touch = position (obviously) , and 2 touch pinch, can define the range of the cutoff modulation…

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On sliders, yes. On scrollbars? Maybe!

I was imagining a large windowed step sequencer before, where “each pixel is a cell” must be maintained, and zooming probably doesn’t make a lot of sense. But for something like the waveform display in Deluge, that would be fantastic.

I’m really curious as to what I am going to be building with these. The Bela community is quite nice though and the team deserves every penny they make.