TTNM’s Linnstrument Jams

Linnstrument C Minor Blues Improv Jam
with iFretless, ThumbJam + DM1 iPad Apps

I have a feeling that ThumbJam sometimes doesn’t stay in tune when doing pitch bends … although it could also be my novice playing skills :smiley:

Mellow Linnstrument Jam
with AE Modular Synth + Ukulele + iPad

Very cheesy :stuck_out_tongue:


Ambient Music
with AE Modular Synth + Linnstrument + Luna Ukulele + iPad


Sci-fi Music!


Thanks for sharing, I particularly liked the last video!


Here’s a new one. Three takes of fun with the MicroMonsta and Bastl Thyme.

The greenish, middle MicroMonsta patch uses aftertouch to control the filter cutoff frequency of the sound all the way from zero, so by gentle pressing a key, one can smoothly fade the sound in and out. The timbre/Y axis adds ring modulation which makes it very crunchy and wild at times, together with the internal chorus FX.

The pinkish and orange patches are panned to the left and right a little bit respectively and only subtly use expressive controls apart from the obvious polyphonic pitch slides.

The Bastl Thyme adds delay and roominess to the sounds.


^^that one is great! Nice to try out something different!

This is an improv I did a couple of years ago with the Linnstrument > Shuttle Control > Mutable Instruments Rings and Elements. Bad notes and all…


Cool! At some point I have to try out poly-expression with my modular as well :slight_smile:

Here’s another Linnstrument jam with the MicroMonsta and Thyme, featuring some ambient live-looping:


The Bastl Thyme looks like fun. Did the Error Instruments RAW Spring come with multiple rows of springs or is that a bunch of individual modules? I can’t seem to find the one you are using on their web site.

I’m using this one here, the RAW SPRING PSY XL, which might not be for sale anymore. It’s one contact mic in a metal box with a bunch of springs, plus an analog delay.

The Thyme is really amazing and so feature packed it makes my head spin. But it’s very easy to use as a delay, bitcrusher and tape looper and it syncs nicely to tap tempo, MIDI and analog clock.

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Tried out a Linnstrument 128 (the smaller one) at Thomann’s Synth Reactor and spontaneously recorded an ambient jam using the Roli Seaboard 5D iOS MPE Synth, a Ditto looper and Ocaen Machine ambient effect pedal.


Hey, how do you like the 128 version? Does it feel limiting compared to the big Linnstrument?

I have a Seaboard Block, which I like, but I want a bigger surface to play, with more range, and also one that would allow to hit specific pitches easier.

It didn’t really feel very limiting. What was different though, was that my hands were moving a bit more vertically, whereas on the large one, I tend to use more of the horizontal space it provides. The large one isn’t as easy to carry around though and now I wish I had both of them, the large one at home and the 128 for traveling :smiley:

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I find it really interesting how people react to the two different sizes. I have no idea why, but I absolutely adore the 128 (it’s my favorite MPE controller by far) yet I find the big one too clumsy and clunky and no-fun. Weird!

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