Uneven keys sensitivity

I’m experiencing a very uneven response in key sensitivity in my striso.
Among the keys there is a wide discrepancy, especially with the keys in the middle of the board registering 30-40% response in pressure (z) less than the keys in the periphery. Middle D being one of the worst. Maybe the circuit board moved a bit?

That doesn’t sound normal. When you connect the instrument to a computer with the “settings” key pressed it mounts as a USB drive. On that drive is a config.htm file that can be opened with a web browser and that offers a number of tuning options, including a calibration page where calibration values can be entered for each key. Can you double check whether there are perhaps some odd calibration values entered for some keys? Or can you correct the response behavior by changing the values there?

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Thak you, will do next time I sit in front of computer and report back!

@georgina I’m sorry to hear that. Thanks @NothanUmber for the suggestion, worth a check, but unless you’ve changed it yourself I don’t see how those values could be changed.

Besides the manual calibration there’s also an autocalibration that kicks in if notes are stuck. That might happen when there’s something lying on the board (at power on), or with extreme temperatures. The autocalibration is reset each power on, so it shouldn’t be persistent.

What is the number of your Striso board? Then I can check the calibration logs to see if there’s anything suspicious.

Hi Piers My board is #209

So I opened the config file and it appears that all the values for the calibration are at their default value.

@pierstitus did you manage to check your logs? This is a fairly annoying oddity that seem directly related to amount of use a key has i.e. the center keys have way less sensitivity than the peripheric ones and I know I have used the center keys more than the peripheric ones.