"UNSOLD" - I'm keeping it after all - Linnstrument 128


I have this rule of not keeping things I don’t use but in the case of the Linnstrument I’m going to make an exception. I know that I will regret it the moment I sell it.


I can’t believe this is the 2nd time I sell a Linnstrument. Shame on me but I’m not playing enough to justify having it so it’s better it finds a new home.

Perfect condition. Bought in November 2020 in Juno Records, it has always been in my room, not smoking house and played only by me, on and off.

Included as new: Linnstrument 128, USB-cable, 4 screws/adaptor for guitar straps, neoprene sleeve, Roger Linn’s welcome letter and receipt all in the original box.

You can try it in Ringkøbing, DK or else I’m willing to send it in the EU.

I paid 793 GBP (about 6.900 DKK) without postage and I’m selling it for 575 GBP (5.000 DKK) plus postage. I think it is a pretty good price and therefore non negotiable.

PM if you’re interested.