USB Port 1 input - appears not to work!

ok, so I was testing the Hapax (see next post) with the Osmose (recording/playback MPE), and found a small bug.

Osmose Port 1 is correctly SENDING mpe data,
however, it does not appear to RECEIVE mpe midi data on Port 1,
so you have to send the MPE back on Port 2. ( * )

Ive tried changing usb haken mode, and this does not appear to change anything.

its not really an issue, as MPE is a subset of MPE+
but will cause issues with devices (like the hapax) that don’t support multiple virtual ports over usb.

anyway, I managed to solve this in my hardware setup by using a iConnectivity mioXM, this allowed me to re-route the Hapax output to Port 2.

of course, Im sure Expressive E will sort this all out, but something to watch out for.

( * ) I tested this in multiple ways… not only using mioXM, but also by direct connection with USB to my Mac, and then routing via Ableton Live.


background, post I made about connecting Osmose to Hapax (and found the issue)

ok… tl;dr;
yes it works - testing both in/out and recording/playback.
din directly, usb you will need a ‘router’ (see below)

but its of course not quite as simple as just plug it in :laughing:

using midi din

k, this works as expect…
except you need to set pitch bend range in ext midi to 1/96
(you also need to have din mode = dsp in, as per normal)

usb connection

this does NOT work … kind of…
the issue is what appears to be a bug in Osmose firmware…
from what I can see Osmose is NOT accepting midi input on Osmose Port 1!
(even with usb haken mode 1/play)
this is problematic for hapax, as you cannot select virtual ports, it always uses port 1.

however, with my iConnectivity mioXM , I can setup custom routing, so I can get it to work as follows:

Osmose Port 1 → mioXM → Hapax (usb device)
Hapax (usb device) → mioXM → Osmose Port 2 (!)

you will also need to set the pitch bend range to 1/48
(edit: after a factory reset, seems 1/48 is the default)

why is this the case… as I say I think a bug… it seems logical Osmose Port 1 should accept midi.
the reason Port 2 works is although its MPE+, this is a superset of MPE.

why not use Port 2 for input to hapax, as I said above you cannot select it… but also the MPE mode on the hapax has no idea about MPE+ , so may or may not work… also using MPE has a bit less data.

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