Using Aalto, Kaivo etc. in T3D mode with EigenD?

Have put a T3D Output into my setup in Workbench and started Aalto in GigPerformer (tested on Windows and a Mac). But Aalto only shows “MIDI”, not “T3D”. Under “input protocol” I can only choose between MIDI and MIDI MPE. What do I have to do to put it into T3D mode? Do I need a special version that only comes with the Soundplane? Would be interested in how much difference it makes compared to MPE, particularly regarding attacks.

Found this in the manual:
“Aalto detects your Soundplane’s presence (provided you’ve got it
plugged in and set up), and automatically switches its control behavior to make full use of the OSC/t3d control data Soundplane provides.
Just plug in, and play.”
So am I out of luck without a Soundplane? Might be fun with Eigenharps, also!

Out of studio… you Can have fun with T3D+Aalto/Kaivo; I have done it with AB live, Continuum… a matter of OSC port - matching.
Returning, I’ll check with GP…

I prefer it to MPE for few reasons:

  • the primary one is Live doesn’t support multi channel midi, so OSC lets me bypass this…
  • to me it also ‘feels’ more responsive
  • the whole note-on/off thing, feels less prominent.

I admit the last two , are possibly just my imagination :slight_smile: but, osc does not have to go thru the midi stack, and it transmits all 3 dimensions in one message (not serialised like midi)
Id love it if more devs adopted it, (I do where possible) , as it feels more natural than MPE - but of course, we don’t have any tools surrounding it, so its unlikely to happen.

to activate in Aalto, hit the gear icon in the top right corner.
select input protocol, OSC, then you can use the default OSC offset of 0, which means port 3123

this just means that aalto/soundplane just broadcast what osc port to use, but you can do it manually as above. really this is only need if you using multiple instances (e.g. on a split), or also if your using kaivo/virta which use the same port.


A, perfect, thanks! The OSC options don’t seem to exist in the Windows build though.
@randy, if it’s not a lot of work to also enable this on Windows, too, then this might be a nice addition to consider? Even though the Soundplane software might not be available yet, quite a number of OSC supporting applications exist on Windows, too - EigenD included :slight_smile:

It actually doesn’t take long to get EigenD die with the T3D Output when leaving the rate at the default of 250 events per second. A few presses on the keys and the lights go out on the Pico until EigenD is restarted when using my Mac (15" MBP 2014). @thetechnobear and @keymanpal: Do you also experience this? Which data rate are you usually using?

I’d have to check but pretty sure I use the default
Nope, never crashes for me on pico or alpha and I use it all the time - as in every time I fire up an eigenharp :slight_smile:
( as I’ve said previously Aalto is my go to vst)

I assume your on latest build?
As far as I know I’ve not patched the t3d object, so you should be using what I have.

Yepp, think it is the latest build (will verify once back home).
Will also try to get some logs - and try the MEC route for Alpha and Tau (for Pico I am usually using the Fingerer in a way that the combination of three keys in the left hand define the octave I am playing in with the right hand. Not too difficult to add to MEC, but if EigenD does it out of the box (without crashing) it would be more straightforward to use that - one of the charms of MEC is it’s simplicity…)

MEC can already output t3d :slight_smile:

hmm, I’m bit busy over next few days…
but perhaps one thing to check is that I haven’t updated the t3d EigenD object since I released the latest EigenD build… sometimes I’ll fix a bug, but won’t necessarily release it, until Ive other things to add.
and if i did it a while ago, I wouldn’t necessarily remember :slight_smile:

Sure, thanks for providing the agent in the first place! Will look how far I come.

I’ve had OSC input for Windows on my TODO list for a long time. I have not heard much call for it, so it hasn’t risen to the top. Consider it bumped!


Not wanting to divert you from higher callings (Orac 2.0 :slight_smile: ). Trying to understand how T3D is implemented in MEC atm. Do I understand it right that the code in mec-api/devices/mec_osct3d is there to receive T3D (e.g. from a Soundplane) and the code in mec-app/mecapi_cmd is used to send out OSC in an almost T3D compatible format? Is this /frm-less variant sufficient to drive e.g. Aalto and Kaivo?

Theres an osc output