Using pitch bend to control different parameters

Hi all,
I’m using my striso to control a Kyma system in MPE mode.
So far it is a lovely experience with very few minor annoyances.
I was wondering if I can use the x axis movement of keys to control aspects that are not the pitch…
I would like to be able to use the x movement to control for example the pan position of a note…
I understand this is mostly done in the kyma environment but I would like to know what type of midi message is the x movement of keys? is there a controller number or anything else I should know so that I can try and tell kyma to look for that message and interpret it the way I want?


No matter what… a MIDI monitor is always a handy tool :wink:

for examples this if you are on macosx

I also found out how to open the configuration via firefox and found ut that I can change the CC number for x axis!


Worth noting, CCs are 7 bit resolution. Pitch bend is 14 bit.

That’s the difference between a hundred twenty-eight values, vs sixteen thousand+.

(granted, I haven’t confirmed this on Striso specifically, but as a general rule, pitch bend is more sensitive than just about anything else in MIDI 1.0)

If you’re able to map to that in Kyma, it might be worth reconfiguring around.

@georgina Good to hear you found out the solution! That’s exactly what the presets are made for.

@greaterthanzero Note that pitch bend is also used for glissando and for alternative tunings, so using it to control other parameters is not advised.

I started implementing 14-bit CC messages at some point, if there’s demand I can increase the priority on finishing it. I like the way it’s done in the continuum’s MPE+ with CC 87, but I doubt that’s supported on any other synth.

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MPE+ would make Striso even more usable as an Eagan Matrix controller, very neat!

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I still have some quirks/issues to resolve before I can fully use the Striso with Kyma, I will open another topic with some questions.

Yes! implementing an option for MPE+ use would be great!

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