Using the Axoloti as an MPE Synth

Since a few months, I’ve got my hands on a Roli Seaboard Blocks, and recently I’ve spent some time creating MPE patches on the Axoloti.
Making simple MPE patches on the axoloti is quite strait forward, but the more you dig in, the more you realize the depth of the different ways in reproducing our expressiveness. Each small adjustment can really change the way you play and the way you feel the sound.

Here is a video showing my last mobile setup, that I use to go busking, or to chill out somewhere.

It’s really fun to have such a powerful setup in a simple backpack… need to make more patches :slight_smile:


Very nice video! I have some blocks and an axoloti as well, so I made this.

I haven’t made that much interesting patches, I was more interested in the communication between the blocks and Axoloti. I then pretty much abandoned it since the Blocks hurt my hands. Playing them affect my ability to do my day job (software development), so they don’t see much use.


Not MPE, but this is a nice looking Axoloti case:


Hi Kai, I remember well your build and video from the axoloti forum, and I think it must have been your video (and others) that made me to get the seaboard blocks. I didn’t know about your ergonomic troubles, but I must say that it do find it hard to play, especially the Y position, that is almost impossible to do without rolling / flattening your fingers. It’s also very demanding on the pressure axis. so pressure plus pitch is just as hard and y movement. With a lot of scaling and bad maths you can get it easier to play, but finally you’re only using a certain percentage of the it’s full expressiveness.
I had the chance to touch the continuum and I do think it’s one of the most pleasant MPE controllers to use.

Anyway thanks for doing your video of your setup, because I am quite pleased with the seaboard blocks as small MPE controller, and the keyboard layout helps me a lot. But I do still need to spend more time making patches :slight_smile:

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Loved your last video @mtyas , great sounds! axoloti maestro!!
I do wish had more time to dive into building MPE sounds…

I lost count of so many times I walked away from a ROLI…

I think you will love the ContinuuMini :wink: a whole universe of expression with the added bonus of a great sound source (EaganMatrix).

Thanks Antonio, the ContinuuMini (and EaganMatrix) is really exciting me at the moment (the best part of G.A.S), watching tutorials and imagining things :slight_smile: I remember failing to order at he beginning of the campaign, and now enjoying the best moments of love “the wait” :slight_smile:


That’s good to hear. I am really looking forward to my Continuumini (I kickstarted the Onde+mini combo, so it seems I will have to wait until the Onde is ready before it ships). I expect that will work out just fine. The Eigenharp doesn’t cause problems either, as long as I stay away from the percussion keys.

I should say that weighted piano keys hurt too, so I don’t really blame Roli. And I like to use the Blocks when creating patches, even though I can’t play on them for long.

Anyways, I’ll keep a close eye on what Axoloti MPE stuff you make. And if I make anything worthwile I’ll make sure to put it in the community library. :slight_smile:

hi everyone,

@Kai @keymanpal
thanks for the inspiration in palmela: i went home and ordered a sensel morph :slight_smile: to use with my axoloti boxes

greetings jens


Nice to have met you @moutcast, great sounds from you and your Axoloti on Sunday at the old church; and welcome around this forum and MPE adventures :wink: