Using two MPE devices on one patch

Hey there, I have a question about using two MPE devices on one patch in Bitwig. I am planning on buying a Kboard or MPE keyboard controller and another controller like the Morph or Touche to modulate the pitch. Would using both of these devices at once be possible? I want to only use one patch and have many voices going at once.
Thanks in advance

Technically you can join two midi sources into one, BUT!
You can’t expect this to work polyphonically - I don’t think there’s a way to force both devices to align and lock their per-voice note and pitchbend data.
For example - my linnstrument sends a note and a pitchbend data from each of my fingers via separate midi channel, i.e. channel per finger. On two different devices, one for note and one for pitch - how would you force them into one channel?
I’m 200% sure you would be better off with one single device, unless you’re okay with global pitchbend like it usually works on regular midi keyboards.

It is possible with a bit of configuration. Most MPE controllers allow you to limit the number of channels you are broadcasting on. So it would be possible to have one device on channels 2-8 and another on 9-15 for instance. In addition it is possible to have a polyphonic aftertouch device on channel 1 at the same time.

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whats your goal? why do you want to be able to do this?

the touche is not polyphonic, so with it, you could probably just send the pitchbend on channel 1 (master channel)

if you really want to play polyphonically on the sensel (or different notes on the touche)
… then what affect are you after?
if its just more notes being played without affecting the notes from the other controller,
then what is the benefit of playing one instance of the patch, rather than duplicating it…
duplicating it, would be simpler to setup, and likely to perform much better.
(from a cpu/resource viewpoint, you wont save that much imo)

this is what I’ve always done with doing MPE splits on the Eigenharp.

Thanks for all this info! I think I can deal with global pitchbend for now. My goal is to have the ability to do long pitch bends monophonically, but have both controllers still work polyphonically.

not sure about how long those pitchbends could be on a Touche

I have played with one MPE controller and a non MPE keyboard to add some higher or lower octave notes into what I’m playing without going up or down an octave on the MPE instrument and that worked fine. It was kind of interesting.
This was using Roli lightpads, an Eigenharp pico or a DM48 Harmonica with an Arturia Keystep.

That DM48 is super interesting. Didn’t know they made digital harmonicas

I love it - I haven’t seen anything like it. I think somebody started making one a long time ago and then abandoned the project.

Here is a link to the DM48

Below are videos of the concept harmonica, which I don’t think ever came to much, although it looks really interesting.

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