Using two Striso together

I saw a video where I think there was two strisos being played together vertically. Can I set it up where one is tuned lower so there is more range? I just learned about this 30 min ago I want to buy two.

iirc, I think this was early days, and played by Piers

best bet is to contact @pierstitus , no doubt will spot it here, or you can contact via contact form on, or

that said, its a one man show… so always possible they are away on holiday at this time of year.

Hi @ryanm,
Yes, you can easily shift octaves, and also set the default octave for each side. By default I set the left hand one octave lower than the right hand.

@Didie has this duet setup, and some videos online. You can either make a frame yourself, I also plan to sell a frame in the near future.

The Striso box @thetechnobear talks about has a different left hand keyboard, that one is not currently in production.

(I’m indeed on holidays now :wink:



I am thinking of buying one Striso board first and then adding a second later to make a duet like Didie’s. I plan to make my own frame.

My question is how the audio and MPE outputs are combined with two Strisos like Didie’s duet. Any special mods or hardware required?

I, too, am curious about the duet, and will pay attention to the reply! So far, I have combined the Striso with my previously purchased QuNexus, and they both play well together with no other setups…I just octave up or down on one or the other to make one the bass and the other the treble, although I know there’s a whole world of combinations to be had…And both play with an older iPad and a couple of synth apps, like GeoShred and ThumbJam. What a phenominal bargain!

Ah, good question :wink:
The midi/pedal jack can be configured as audio in, that audio will then be mixed with its own audio.
So a (stereo) mini jack cable is connected from the audio out of the right Striso board to the MIDI/pedal jack of the left Striso board, and the headphone or speaker is then connected to the audio out of the left Striso board.

Furthermore both Striso boards are connected to a USB hub (with short USB cables) for power and MIDI over USB. For attaching to an iPad there seems to be trouble sometimes with connecting through a USB hub, maybe depending on the USB hub but also on the type of lightning USB adapter (I think @Didie had success with the official apple camera adapter but trouble with another brand).

For connecting the boards to the frame there’s two M3 mounting holes on the back that are 11 cm apart. The screws are included with the Striso board.