VCV Rack 2 Free/Pro released

It is finally there!
There is a commercial version now which’s distinctive feature over the free version is that it works as a VST plugin inside various DAWs.
But there are many other convenient changes that are also available in the free open source version again.
Here an overview video of the new features:

MPE is a little hidden: One has to click a module (e.g. MIDI-CV) and set polyphony mode to MPE (and in most cases polyphony channels to non monophonic). Many modules are polyphonic, so (in contrast to a hardware eurorack system) one cable can transport up to 16 CV signals for different voices at once. Not all third party modules support poly cables, the ones that do can be found under the “polyphonic” tag in the module browser. There are hundreds (thousands?) of modules by now.
But poly signals can also be split (and recombined), so one can also create several voices with the modules that “only” support mono-CV - the classic way one would with analog modulars, with module chains per voice.
Looking good!


Yeah bought and installed last night - took hours as servers were swamped !

It’s good !
Though first MPE patch I create just crashes as soon as it gets input :frowning:
( non mpe patches were fine )

servers seem ok this morning… just install on my other Mac and it all installed updated immediately!

some good news, they seem to have fixed the graphics issues I was seeing on my M1 with 4k monitor. so worth it for that alone.

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Thanks for the heads-up.
DAW integration is the one I’ve been waiting for all along.
Sound Stage is a very nice feature and the secondary Host module could find me using it in strange ways too …
Time for them to take my money methinks. :+1:

Fix for MPE in the core MIDI-CV is supposedly on its way.

Meanwhile, I’ve been using AHornberg’s MidiPoly with the Sensel Morph and Haken ContinuuMini.
I really like it’s simple and intuitive w (gate), x (v/oct), y (mod), z (channel pressure) outputs.

With the HCM, I am using the MPE 8 Voice preset with Polyphony priority set to Low.

yeah, Ive been talking to VCV for a little while :slight_smile:

they fixed the issue I reported about midi instability (at higher data rates) in the last release.

for the next release - Ive been told they have acted on my feature request/issues…
in particular - PW has been fixed for MPE.
added my feature request to pitchbend range on the midi module… which means the v/oct output (optionally) can include pitchbend.
so, Im pretty hopeful the next release will make VCV viable for MPE!

not quite sure, when thats going to be released… as its been a while

I’d also like to give vcv some credit, I was initially sceptical on the idea that ‘pro’ gave you ‘professional support’ , but actually, I’ve found it is actually working really well…
I definitely feel like they are listening to all my support requests and issues, and im getting alot of fixes and FRs processed in really good time!



There was a third party input module which handled that nicely earlier, but I don’t know that it ever got ported to 2.0

But native/official support would be a better thing, overall.

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yeah, looking forward to it…

Im a little surprised thats it gone a bit quiet by devs… I think 3 weeks after last update, when prior to that we had quite a flurry of updates.

I guess, the previous 2.0.x updates were considered stability updates after the major 2.0 release.
and perhaps now they are having a bit of a breather after, what must have been, a really hectic time!

… also I think they are settling into this new ‘support’ model of Pro, which again with the release of 2.0 was probably initially quite challenging (lots of tickets !)

anyway, I think 2022, is going to be a very interesting for vcvrack.


re MPE for Rack 2:

I noticed recently that the venerable moDllz MIDI Poly-MPE module has returned to the library for Rack 2.0.

Working great for the Haken Continuu Mini without having to use a special preset.


cool, yeah both moDllz and Ahornberg’s mpe modules work really nicely !
… have a lot of fun with MPE and vcvrack with these.

Ahornberg’s is nice and small, but it assumes a 48 semi pitchbend range (which is generally ok)
moDllz, bit bigger, more features (incl change pb range).

so both have a place, I guess I might use Ahornberg more (assuming its as reliable as it feels so far) , just as its smaller, and fewer jacks so easier to see the jacks to patch.

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