Weight of Basestation (non-pro)

Am currently working on a board that contains all components needed to play the Eigenharps, Morphs etc. pre-wired, so it can be played without setup effort.
Think I came up with a pretty nice concept. Now the problem is that the thing would get pretty heavy (about 16 kg for the entire bag), contradicting the mobile plug’n’play aspect somewhat…

On a mission to get the weight down: Does anybody have the normal Basestation? How much does this weight? The Basestation Pro that I have is about 2 kg.

Edit: Nevermind, found the info on the Tau sales page. It’s 1.6 kg with power supply - probably not worth it from a weight perspective.

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yeah the ‘normal basestation’ is quite a bit smaller. but weight saving is minimal, once you add the wall wart.

a couple of thoughts…
there’s quite a bit of space inside a basestation pro, if you wanted to add other things, e.g. Ive considered putting a rPI or similar in there… Id suspect you could also potentially ‘tap’ off the power supply - you’d have to check the rating, but i noticed the wall wart on the basestation is 3a @12v (36w), so pretty heavy duty, I cannot imagine it needs anywhere near that for a tau/alpha.

I also wondered about battery power, to make it portable.
I think this would be possible with the normal basestation, you’d need a reasonable heavy duty 12v battery. more difficult for basestation pro, as you’d have to expose the 12v input. (*)

(*) I’m assuming internally its using 12v… but it could be using less, you might find its scaling it down something inside… Id not be surprised to find a 3 or 5v regulator in there somewhere, to drive a micro-controller to run the firmware.

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Space is fortunately not so much of a concern. Will have the four Morphs on the board side by side, so am currently aiming for a 1m*42cm pedalboard which leaves plenty of space.
Would put the Basestation, Morphs, ContinuuMini and Organelle on it. And my MacBook and a 7x3 matrix mixer that allows to route audio of the ContinuuMini through the Organelle and/or the Mac and/or directly to the main mixer. Didn’t want to give up the Mac as many of the sounds there wouldn’t be possible with EaganMatrix - and it can be handy for recording. But don’t want the setup to depend on the Mac, so EaganMatrix and Organelle sounds can be played without having to start up the Mac.
Battery power isn’t a prio atm., it’s more about reducing the setup effort - power plug goes to power, Eigenharp plug goes to Eigenharp, playing with Eigenharp and Morphs can start. (We aim for renting a practice room with colleagues more regularly now and there setup time has to be very fast to be viable.)

Will probably tackle the weight problem with a trolley, found a nice one that can also “climb stairs”. 16 kg can be carried short distances if it has to be and for longer distances it can then be rolled and dragged…