Wisp controller

What do you get if you put a Sensel Morph in a silk bag?

A Wisp. :slight_smile:

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Neat idea, a deluxe haptic grid-style Morph overlay it seems. Wondering what they do with their own software that the onboard firmware couldn’t do already? MIDI class compliance that can directly speak to anything USB-MIDI without a computer in between is imho a neat feature of the Morphs!

Had another look. Either I don’t get the system or the comparison to Linnstrument is a little odd?
"However, I don’t believe the grid layout is the best option. Mainly that is because of the finger gymnastics you need to perform to play complex chords. "

What I understood from their webpage is, that it’s a grid layout with an octave between rows. (So, still a grid? You can tune the Linnstrument with any interval between rows pretty easily, including octaves, if desired). But how does this help with chords? Aren’t all intervalls smaller than an octave on the same row then, like on a Continuum? Nothing wrong with that, but don’t you get that from any grid controller with continuous pitch on the x axis, if you just ignore the other rows for chords?

Nonetheless, it looks fun to play. I guess for this price the Morph is included?

I just went through the videos. What I find interesting is the attempt to combine several different physical cues and layouts into one system. The wrist rest is a good idea, the moving keyboard to choose where the slightly raised black keys are is neat, and the one octave isomorphic layout is certainly not unheard of. While I’m not ready to give up my LinnStrument yet, I can see why this might be a very tempting MPE device.

In its own way, it’s trying to be “not the other guys” in critical areas. It provides a different tactile experience and movement approach than a LinnStrument, it is more focused in application then a Morph by itself [More focused but less flexible, and therefore less intimidating], it’s more ergonomic then several of its competitors, and it’s not made by ROLI. All of these are going to be pluses for various people.

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