Working setup for Linnstrument and Ableton Live 11?


I’ve had this strange issue since forever. Everything works perfectly well when I have:

  1. A midi track armed
  2. I play Linnstrument to Ableton Live (11.3.11) connected with usb
  3. Output that midi to my audio / midi interface and midi DIN from there to an active midi splitter, which forwards it to synth. No issues at all.

But when I record midi clip with everything set the same. The midi output gets slowed down somewhere and it lags behind other playback. Also midi clock starts lagging.

With softsynths I don’t have any issues.

If you have a working system with Linnstrument, Ableton Live 11 and an MPE synth connected to computer. Can you please tell me what synth, midi interface and computer you are using?

I’m with Macbook Air M1 and Behringer UMC404HD midi out to Micromonsta 2. Not working properly.

Has anyone countered similar issues with MPE?

And how to solve?


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Hi, could you perhaps try it with (e.g. a demo version of) Bitwig - just to pinpoint whether it is the DAW?
I have unfortunately no experimence with Live. Previous versions were not optimal for MPE - as far as I heard, but I guess that has changed?