World drone day 2020

" Every year we make a noise together that stretches around the world."

May 30, 2020

I’ve taken this info from the AE Modular forum

This article is about Eliane Radigue and the art of making Drone music. Plenty of inspiration for Saturday:

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I’ll try to come up with a setup and live steam to youtube :wink: (there’s a first time for everything I guess)
What better excuse…

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I’m planning on recording some drone tomorrow. I’ve got a modular patch mostly prepared for this.


I decided to hastily threw up a camera, to see if i could drone something out…
so completely unprepared, no plan… but it was still a lot of fun.

funny thing… it seemed like a fun idea before I hit the go-live button, then suddenly I was like… err, I think I should have thought this through a bit more :wink:


@thetechnobear ahah no safety net… marvelous setup of yours by now :wink:

I also when to try live stream for the first time… a couple of mistakes in setting up…
Be gentle :wink: but criticize away…


Drone 01


Make Noise DPO, through a variety of filters, a wavefolder, delay and reverb, with a little help from a NE Loquelic Iteritas.


I’m sad I sold my Mimeophon. It excelled at drones.

(But really, I don’t excel at drones. I mostly just want to use them as sources in a granular synth, and I was too lazy to actually sample mine.)