WTB Eigenharp Tau

I live part of the year in France, part in Norway. I use my Tau a lot in both locations, but transporting it back and forth is a hassle.

…so, if anyone has a Tau to sell (or see one for sale on ebay/Reverb, etc…) let me know. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been looking for a while too but have not found any.

Did you give up on the one you tried to repair?

I actually got it working after the fix I made. It turns out the basestation was bad too and swapping that with another one did the trick.

But I’m worried I might have messed something up in the Tau by opening it up.

Kai and I agreed that he will buy my Tau (still have an Alpha and a Pico left :slight_smile: ). Closing the thread according to his wish.