Apple M1 pro - Eigen D

Just to say Eigen D 2.2.1 works like a dream on my MacBook pro M1 running Monterey. After quite a few problems on my old Mac, which I think had more to do with the Mac than anything else, now everything works like a dream and I am rediscovering my Pico and having a great time :slight_smile: Many thanks to Technobear!


Speaking as someone who has never tried it and is thinking about it, where do you find it? I did a search on the net, and the only version I can find is the github where there haven’t been any commits for 12 years. I guess I am looking in the wrong place but try as I might I can’t find anything

(just go to releases)

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If I follow that link, I don’t see anything past release 2.1.7 in 2016. Is there a 2.2.1 that you mention here in a separate area?

sorry, its here:


Thanks, works great!