ContinuuMini trickling out

I have received mine. Having only been in possession for an hour, I don’t have a great deal to say about it, yet, except:

  1. It’s immediately very impressive—plug in and go, everything sounds great

  2. It’s rather easier to play than I expected, at least to noodle around on if you’re already familiar with the piano (I have zero prior Haken experience, and only a brief dalliance with Roli)

I’m curious to see how long it takes before I really absorb the finger spacing: the difference between “getting along”, and it all just feeling natural and automatic.


Congrats !! what else to say of this labor of love we get to enjoy this days; unique combination of hardware and sound source.

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I was having trouble finding a printable list of the presets for the Continuumini. Apparently, it got left out of the Mac beta editor distribution. Richard Kram was kind to post this PDF:


This is nothing special and it’s unapologetically a noodle, but it’s also mercifully short and my first recording playing the mini (live) with my modular.

So far, I’ve found the included ground loop isolator essential when connecting to my interface: otherwise I get a whine.


Waiting on mine; it’s been delivered to the friend who got me in on the buy-2 Early Bird deal, and he’s supposed to re-ship it to me. I can’t wait. And I assume that we’ll put the ContinuuMini discussion in here with the Continuum? Seems logical…

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The mini is a lot of fun. (I did the buy-2 deal too, on faith, but got stuck with the extra unit, so it’s now on eBay—somebody is probably going to try to crucify me for that.)

One thing that’s quite clear is that not all the Continuum patches work so well on the 1- or 2- touch mini, although a foot pedal might make up a lot of the difference. Just to take an obvious example: the bagpipes patch needs more droning notes to sound like a bagpipe. Also, the Y axis is rather tricky. I need to further investigate the touché approach that E. E. has demonstrated. On the other hand, the mini is so compact and lightweight!

There’s a busy discussion over on the Facebook group about carrying cases. So far the best idea I’ve seen is a pool cue bag.

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Oh, one other thing: I love how you can just plug headphones in and noodle, but I have been finding it a bit too loud. (Gain varies quite a bit from patch-to-patch and there’s no master volume.)

I had a chat with Lippold at NAMM and he mentioned that the Y sensitivity was always going to be quite different than that of the Continuum simply because of the different tech and the physical size of the ribbon. He was very candid about it, and I think he’s made some suggestions in various places about how to get the most from the ribbon.

I have a Touché SE here; is there a link to what Eagan had to say about it or show?

I plan on hooking it up to my K-Board Pro 4; I think the two would make a potent pairing.

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For example:

So, Eagan gave his DIY sensor the same name as a commercial product with largely the same functionality.

Good. Good. No way that’ll lead to misunderstandings.

It was called “touche” on the Ondes du Martenot, so that’s probably why he decided to call it that.


Makes sense.

We should call it something else, regardless.

I received my Mini the other day and am trying to optimize it with the Linnstrument. I’m having a problem getting the Mini to receive notes form the Linnstrument’s sequencer. Anyone else tried this?

More info… What is in between LS and Cmini?
Finally have some free time and also curious to try this one out :wink:

They are both connected through USB powered hub to my laptop and I’m also running the Continuum Editor.

So… big topic, lots of variables.

Short answer, depends on what preset you select on Cmini; example preset - Jaymar Toy Piano will sound with LS sequencer.

“Backwards counting”,

  • LS sequencer does not send Channel pressure (this is absolutly needed for some presets of the EaganMartix to sound at all)
  • LS sequencer is Pich Bend + Note ON/OFF + velocity + Y (CC74)
  • Most EaganMatrix presets don’t care about velocity

Its trick; there is no MPE sequencer.

Thanks keymanpal. I tried it with the toy piano patch. I’ll have to figure why that one works. I’m just beginning to learn the editor so until then I guess I’ll have to come up with a midi sequencer that has all the necessary options.

Haken’s latest update says they’re shipping out the final batch of backer units this weekend.

That includes mine, so I’m excited.


Me too! I’m spending some of the weekend refreshing myself on the manuals, and putting the finishing touches on the Raspberry-Pi-as-USB-router between the Mini and the Linnstrument.

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Report in when you have that working! I’m very interested to hear how it goes (and whether I should be making similar moves).