Eigenharp Pico Continuum Control

Started fresh with a Control setup for the Pico

Will be adding more talkers :wink:


I love it when we cross the streams!! That’s a really nice and simple setup. I’ll have to go back and remind myself of the talker syntax, but otherwise I see how all that works. I see how each talker key is changing it’s own colour but not what changes it back.

With this and the Arc control, and another pedal, i think I’m all set.

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So, its was really late and its just a start.

We want to send control from the Pico to the Continuum right?
EaganMatrix>Cog wheel >Midi and Global Settings
An image says it all (take notice and this is new in 8.7x - Ext 1 sort of filtering)

This is from 2016;

Think you have to belong to the closed Facebook group to watch


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I don’t think I was a member of the group at that time. That’s really cool.

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No, I understand how the CCs are being sent. It’s purely the key/light action that I’m a little puzzled by. The action sets the colour for the pressed key, But I don’t see anything that’s reseting the previously selected key? Unless that’s handled by the internal Talker mechanics?

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ummm yep think so… this is a edit: (fairly) basic talker if I remember.
Maybe you just want the selected key lit? and no other keys?
I have it like that to differentiate - its Continuum user presets :wink:

Got around to trying it this evening. Works like a charm!! I think I want to flip the key order around so that it matches the Continuum editor, but that’s easy.

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Great to know! It’s a veryyy strip down setup; I plan on adding other keygroup outputs:

  • play the EaganMatrix (this is depending on what preset is set on the Continuum)
  • key roll to control barrels, sostenuto, sustain and rounding
  • key pressure - this can be fun also on barrels
    Other things that come to mind, 4 MIDI CC’s on 1 key; sure there are other ideas and the day only has 24h…

Ohh, I just “dusted” Mark’s CREATOR , I can take this into consideration, more so, Pico next to the ContinuuMini it’s better this way :wink:
Still loving all the “Eigen-flexibility”.

Edit: breath pipe to the right? @GoneCaving?

I was working with it above/behind the Continuum, so I have it sideways and breath pipe at the top. I can see that if you add the barrels in, it might be better to have the pico to the left of the fingerboard and breath pipe to the right.

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