What do you use with your Continuum?

Am I reading the manual right so that if I want to set user preset 1 I should send
ch 16, cc 80, value 1
ch 16, cc 81, value 0

I’m trying that but to no avail.

Firmware 8.50??

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To select presets, with latest firmware (8.70 and up) you have several options, with the following CCs

ch 16 - CC0 (Bank Select MSB) - Value 0-MaxCategories-1 : select a Preset category
ch 16 - CC109 - Value 53 : next Preset in the category
ch 16 - CC109 - Value 52 : previous Preset in the category
ch 16 - CC34 - Value 101 to 116 : Direct selection of user Preset 1 to 16

ch 16, cc 81, value 1 to 127 (preset inside “bank of 127”) and just after
ch 16, cc 82, value 0/1/2/3 “bank select” (0 for preset 1-127, 1 for 128 to 256, etc. note that for value 0 preset 1 to 16 are the user presets).


I’m still on 8.50 (I think; will check later). Has 8.70 been released yet?

Thanks for the pointers. I’d certainly possible I’m making errors in this as the python lib seems to be slightly at odds with what I see in the Max midi monitor. When I can find some more time, I’ll give it another shot.

Continuum Firmware 8.71

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Thanks for the pointer. Are you running that on your half-size? If so, then I’ll consider an update at the weekend.

yes on my half size and on my Mini ! and it has a lot of new presets !!!

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Updated!! I note that when I pick a system preset, the current preset displays what I have selected, but the System Library category and preset displays something entirely different??

And yes, lots of lovely new presets to explore :notes:

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Yes since it is not a final version, there a still a few minor issues in the editor… but the main features are stable.

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Splendid. Well as I say the upgrade went fine. I’ll keep an see out for any other issues and let you know if I find any.

So… I’m on 8.71 and here’s the start of a Pico setup.

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OK, expression pedal Q. I have a Boss FV-500H. I assumed that I could use this as an expression pedal with the Continuum but it seems not to work for me. Reading the docs for the Boss pedal, it should be a simple matter of connecting it with a TRS stereo 1/4" cable? However if I look at pics of the Yamaha FC7 pedal mentioned in the Continuum guide, it looks like it comes with a TS Mono jack? The Continuum user guide isn’t much help in this regard. If i connect the pedal with a TS cable, the behaviour seems to be more like a switch (0, or 127). Is it because it’s the high impedance version??

The FC-7 is definitely an expression pedal with a TRS connector.
There’s a couple of possible gotchas involved.
First it is possible to connect either a switch or an expression pedal to the Continuum. But, the response of the expression can act like a switch depending on the setting for that controller input within the program. Check within the Eagan Matrix what exactly the connected pedal is programmed to do. In some cases, even if you have an expression pedal connected, the port is set to function as a sustain switch.

OK, I can rule out some of that. I was trying to route the pedal to the first Barrel for one of the presets, so that should be continuous (I can adjust it gradually via the mouse). The pedal seems to be displaying as a switch.

Some Roland expression pedals have a knob on them where you can change the curve. If you have that knob try adjusting it. I am using a Yamaha FC-7 and it works fine. I’ll see if I have any Roland expression pedals in my studio and give it a try. Does the pedal work elsewhere?

Also, it appears the Roland has a specific jack for use as an expression pedal. Make sure you are using that jack and a TRS cable. (Sorry if this is too basic a suggestion).

So, I am using the Expression output from the pedal, and I have tried adjusting the knob on the side of the pedal. The pedal also works ok on my timefactor delay (smooth change wet/dry for example).

No worries about the basic suggestions. It’s always good to eliminate the obvious!

Hmmn. Sounds like a hardware problem to me. I would contact Haken.

Made a little progress with this. If I dial down the max volume on the pedal to almost but not quite zero, I can get it working with the Continuum. However, it’s working over quite a narrow range of motion (ie. a bit too sensitive).

The Roland and Yamaha pedals are different as far as the curve of the resistance. The Yamaha works smoothly. It might be worth the $47 US to get one.