[EM] EaganMatrix short tutorials

Hi everyone,

I have started to create a series of short tutorial videos to ease the approach of the EaganMatrix for the beginners. I love this tool and I do most of my work with it but I know it is too intimidating for lots of people. And that’s a shame! So I hope these videos will help some people to dare and create their own presets.

For now, I’ve made the first three. They are online on my YouTube channel :
[EM] #0 Presentation
[EM] #1 Overview
[EM] #2 Crafting a basic instrument
Every feedback is welcome!


Youtube playlists:


Very nice! I love the background sounds/playing :wink: ohh and the drawings.

I’m sure the Continuum and Osmose communities appreciate all efforts to make “Igan Matrice” more approachable.


I’ve just watched the first three videos. I really enjoyed the production, and the combination of nice background music, clear drawings and explanation. I think it’s also about the right pace.

I’m looking forward to seeing more of these!


Thanks! Good to know that it may be of interest for some of you.
It was more work than I first imagined!
I’ll try to make the next one soon


I took a look yesterday, very nice, and well explained

oh, I can imagine, using those animations rather than screen recording the matrix is an incredible amount of work…but it does give it a lot of style , and I think does make it more ‘approachable’


One of the pieces of the EM I don’t really understand is the graphs. Anyone know if these can be used to sequence notes? And if so, is there an existing preset that demonstrates this?

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the graphs are basically a lookup function…
but this also means you can ‘drive’ them using a ramp function to use as a sequencer.

the graphs also explicitly support an ‘integer’ mode for notes

edit: ah, just found the em user manual on my laptop…
there is an example of this on page 101… it might look a bit daunting ( * ) , but I remember when I tried it out, it was actually pretty straightforward.

( * ) generally, I found ancillary functions a bit tricky at first, but once you use them a few times - they are really powerful and easy to use. albeit, at times, it feels like this is where everything goes that doesn’t fit into the ‘matrix’ format :laughing:


Thanks. Looking at the manuals and Kram’s guide now, so the reference is helpful!

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Thank you so much for the good feedbacks!
That’s also the intuition I had but it’s good to hear from someone else


I have several tutorials in mind to explain the possible uses of graphs.
Creating a sequence of notes is one of them. Here’s the title already :
Creating the jump sound of Super Mario in the EaganMatrix
(it is indeed a sequence of note)


Great videos! These will be valuable for the EM user community. In the forums, there’s a lot of whinging about how the EM is too hard to understand or too mathy. These kinds of videos do so much to make it accessible.

  • It would be nice to maintain links to all the videos in the series as you add them.
  • If you have an Osmose, it would be great to mention considerations for that device, since there are lots more users with Osmose than the other devices.

Looking forward to seeing more in the series.


Thank you for the feedback! I do hope it’ll help.

Regarding the Osmose, I don’t have it, I only have a Slim46.
My intention is to explain EM operation regardless of the device you use but you are right that inevitabely I’ll be patching for an interface or another. I’ll keep that in mind for next ones.

Not sure of what you suggest with the links? All my tutorials videos share the same title format, thumbnail appearance and they are grouped in one playlist. Isn’t that enough to fin them back? You suggest to add a link to all videos in each video, is that correct?

Anyway, as the feedback are good, the french version is on its way!
Someone contacts Expressive E? :sweat_smile:

Oh and I’ve tried to contact Synthopia as it could be of interest for their readers but no answer. Does anyone have a contact?

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Probably my lack of knowledge of YouTube, and not finding the playlist.


English playlist:

[EM] Tutorials - Invidious

French playlist:

[EM] Tutoriels_FR - Invidious

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Here’s my first leak :sweat_smile:
I didn’t pay attention to the privacy of the french playlist.
It was supposed to be private until tomorrow probably.

Just out of curiosity, what is this site?

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The software for this site is Discourse. This instance managed by thetechnobear (thanks!).


It is my unlisted Invidious instance.

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It might be less confusing/clearer to simply link to the YouTube playlists directly.


Sure, feel free to provide such links yourself.


The french version of my first 3 tutorials is online!
La version française de mes 3 premiers tutoriaux est en ligne!
Hope it’ll help!