Erae Ableton integration

@embodme (or others :slight_smile: ) how are the Ableton modes supposed to work?

do you just midi map the controls in ableton or is it more standardised?
is there an ableton control script available?
( this would seem the best way, so that we get bi-directional comms)


We’re going to add it to the DL section on our website.

I am not able to upload a .zip file on the forum so send us an email to to get your version.

You can then drag and drop the files in the following folder:

Ableton->Show package Content->Contents->App-Ressources->Midi Remote Script-> drop the “erae_touch” folder

C:\ProgramData\Ableton\Live 11 Suite\Resources\MIDI Remote Scripts


super, just got an email, containing it - thank you.

Ive also enabled zip uploads here… but probably good to wait for it on your website.
(to keep it all in one place)

just a short note on this,
I did try this, but its not currently working…

I did a little debugging on the Ableton script, and it appear that the sysex that our firmware sends, differs from what the script is expecting.
Im guessing a mismatch in firmware… perhaps it needs updating for the firmware that was eventually released.

Ive reported to @embodme and im waiting to hear back.

If it transpires that the script needs updating (ie. our firmware is the latest) , then I might see if I can get it working.

but that the moment, its unclear to me if this is the case… it could also be the script is correct, but is perhaps based on an unreleased firmware - so it would be a waste of my time to ‘fix’ it :wink:

Same with me, I used AB Live 9, 10, 11, no go….