Erae Ableton integration

Ableton script is now available as link in Eras Manual here:

Required Script:

macOS users:

do not install in Ableton package (unless you want to have to do it after every ableton update!)
instead install here:

~/Music/Ableton/User Library/Remote Scripts

just the erae_touch folder.

then, goto preferences and add erae_touch as a control surface


now working with latest firmware and scripts details in this post

original post (you can ignore : ))
@embodme (or others :slight_smile: ) how are the Ableton modes supposed to work?

do you just midi map the controls in ableton or is it more standardised?
is there an ableton control script available?
( this would seem the best way, so that we get bi-directional comms)


We’re going to add it to the DL section on our website.

I am not able to upload a .zip file on the forum so send us an email to to get your version.

You can then drag and drop the files in the following folder:

Ableton->Show package Content->Contents->App-Ressources->Midi Remote Script-> drop the “erae_touch” folder

C:\ProgramData\Ableton\Live 11 Suite\Resources\MIDI Remote Scripts


super, just got an email, containing it - thank you.

Ive also enabled zip uploads here… but probably good to wait for it on your website.
(to keep it all in one place)

just a short note on this,
I did try this, but its not currently working…

I did a little debugging on the Ableton script, and it appear that the sysex that our firmware sends, differs from what the script is expecting.
Im guessing a mismatch in firmware… perhaps it needs updating for the firmware that was eventually released.

Ive reported to @embodme and im waiting to hear back.

If it transpires that the script needs updating (ie. our firmware is the latest) , then I might see if I can get it working.

but that the moment, its unclear to me if this is the case… it could also be the script is correct, but is perhaps based on an unreleased firmware - so it would be a waste of my time to ‘fix’ it :wink:

Same with me, I used AB Live 9, 10, 11, no go….

Same for me, Erae is even unresponsive with the Ableton layout (display unresponsive). Live 11.0.11

updated top post with link to scripts that now have been added to manual,
also some instructions on installation.

as far as I can tell this is NOT working still (Ive already reported to embodme. see above) with either firmware 1.0.2 or firmware 1.1.0

it looks to me like these scripts need updating, probably firmware has changed since they were written.
errors are:

2021-11-19T16:52:46.956310: info: Python: INFO:_Framework.ControlSurface:956 - LOG: (Erae_Touch) MIDI device responded with wrong product id ((0, 33, 80, 1, 0, 0, 0) != (0, 33, 80, 0, 1, 0, 1)).

2021-11-19T16:52:46.956470: info: RemoteScriptMessage: (Erae_Touch) MIDI device responded with wrong product id ((0, 33, 80, 1, 0, 0, 0) != (0, 33, 80, 0, 1, 0, 1)).

2021-11-19T16:52:46.977413: info: Python: INFO:_Framework.ControlSurface:977 - LOG: (Erae_Touch) Got unknown sysex message: (240, 0, 33, 80, 0, 2, 0, 1, 64, 2, 86, 2, 0, 8, 247)

2021-11-19T16:52:46.977666: info: RemoteScriptMessage: (Erae_Touch) Got unknown sysex message: (240, 0, 33, 80, 0, 2, 0, 1, 64, 2, 86, 2, 0, 8, 247)

I reported this to @embodme a while ago, including logs - so hoping they are working on it.

IF not then I could look at…
BUT I’m a bit concerned… it may be embodme have a development firmware version thats unreleased, that does work … so I don’t want to waste my time fixing it, to only find Embodme have a version already working !

Hi everyone,

We’re going to update the link on the website.

But here is the newly tested (and retested) Ableton Live Script.

Enjoy! (13.9 KB)


cool, tested, and that new version is working for me too :slight_smile:

thanks @embodme

mm, also working here, but what about Alt layout ? Does nothing here.

the alt layout is just a general midi layout (so you can assign to controls), its part of the ableton integration specifically.

however, the scale key (iirc) switches to a slightly different layout… has less individual track controls on it, but more tracks (i think 9 vs 12)

thanks, yes I saw for the Scale option