Expressive-E Osmose Pre-Order

No but its been confirmed on todays sonic talk that a long sonicstate video about the Osmose is coming out tomorrow.

Cheers- I think it’s like the ‘official’ launch day then- maybe they will put the web site up then and tell us what the holes in the back are for :wink:

Gaz Williams did a big thing at Superbooth about the Osmose… ( pretty much drooling over it) , so I suspect they ‘organised’ something at the time :wink:

also, Cuckoo has been a long term Haken Audio supporter (via Continuum) , so Id expect he will have one to demonstrate.

then there are the ‘testers’ that did the early promo videos… I’d suspect some of them will be lined up with one.

what will be interesting to see how broad Expressive E go beyond that, I think someone like Loopop would be a litmus test… are they aiming for mass market?
I’d say Loopop is more mass, though he has reviewed the Continuum, so is already a bit ‘in this niche’…

onwards, from there, we get onto the synthfluencers… that are not so focused in this area…

Yes I’ve been expecting January 5th to mean something in that scheme of things for a while, since it was also the date that Jordan Rudess kept mentioning in his facebook video that appeared around Christmas and then vanished again. Whether its a full on embargo end date and quite a flood of pre-done content will suddenly emerge, along with new webpage and perhaps a new round of ordering availability I cannot say for sure. But its plausible.

I haven’t gotten an email about my Osmose delivery yet, but I did get one saying that they’re taking pre-orders again.

Yeah, I wish they had titled that email differently, so we didn’t all jump up and shout “it’s time!” prematurely. That was… unfortunate.

Anyway, if you log into your account in the Expressive E website;

the “downloads and serial numbers” page (NOT the “order history and details” page) should give you an updated ETA for your unit.

(people are seeing dates ranging from February to May, it seems)

Anyway, not much point in holding your breath before whatever it says there.

(And then, the new pre-orders are planned to ship after those. So there’s also no point in trying to jump the line by ordering a second unit.)

Thanks, my ETA is next month. They’ve updated the site so that logging in takes you straight to that page.

Does “Presets for Massive X from NI” show up on that page for everyone?

That shows up along with a large amount of other presets that came out in 2020 for me, but thats because I own a touché and thats what those presets are for.

Why has time slooowed dooown tick tick February is like 2050 from now I think…I bought a model D just to pass the time…an FCA3 pedal arrived…when will it be spring?

Welcome! Now it’s 5 days closer already :wink:

Latest email:

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