Haken Continium Mini IOS integration

Hello community!
I’do have a bunch of questions about Haken Continium Mini!

I don’t know is it proper to address it here, but I got invited to do it…by António Machado…
So it is…
My love with MPE started from Roli…I tried it in London… in 2015…and it’s amaze me!
So I got a Roli…but it’s surface and not precise…
Occasionally I tried Continuum mini - and amazed by its sonic possibilities…
But luck of information keep me still out of it…

We still have one in a shop, but no one know what it is)
And I wanted to clear some it’s possibilities to integrate to my portable iPad based setup.
Mine main goal to play CM standing-dancing wirelessly trough IPad AUM,or loopyPro processed , or play it connected to fx midi pedal, as Dworf of Poly Bibo or any other Midi one…

So …please help me with it
If you can)

  1. How I can use it with iPad? To use it as it is -use it’s own presets trough AUM , and use AuV3 fx for processing sound.
  2. Use if as a midi MPE keyboard -to use it wit iOS MPE synth - Animoog z etc
    How Plug it in, properly routed in iOS to record and use with
    Loopy pro etc.
  3. Das iPad OS holds its Continuum software?
  4. What is number of CM preset’s? Can I arrange them in CM-make my own bank or anyhow?
    5. Das anyone use a midi bt converter wit Continium Mini, CME widi host or others?- and how I can connect it trough there if it’s has only usb mini port…any converter needed?
  5. Or anyone paired CM with Linnstrument or even new EraeTouch? But computer free?

Any suggestion?
(…video answer appreciated (cos poor English))

Regarding the iPad questions - I guess others can answer this better than me.

Re 4: Yes, you can make your own presets with the Continuum editor. The manual is afaik only available in English: https://hakenaudio.exavault.com/p/User%20Guides%20Beta
But e.g. here a short intro video: Haken Continuum in depth review, and what is the Matrix...? - YouTube

Re 5: You need a USB MIDI Host in between. There are some standalone boxes that can do that, you could use a Raspberri Pi with a fitting configuration, probably also an iPad (as said, am not the expert here) - and of course a normal computer, as you wrote.

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In general the CM gives Audio and MIDI (MPE) out, so not sure what you want to do with the iPad. There is no Plugin for AUM. There is a facebook group “Haken Contimuum Users”, where I remember, was an article about CM cotrolling Animoog…

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Thanks!..i know that video…but its too bulky or too expensive…to connect it…)…but…yes…i want to use ipad to play CM trough ios devices …to use its possibilities …

The full documentation is here https://hakenaudio.exavault.com/p/User%20Guides%20Beta (for all Continuums) and chapter 12 give you an overview of all typical configuration to connect the Continuum (including Mini) to other devices (see 12.24 in your case, other other configuration may also interest you)

Hi @RoMa and welcome around! Im António :wink:
As you can see, its nice to have other people to help out with ideas…

what iPad model is this? either way, you will always need an audio interface to accept CM audio to further process with FX…

Keep in mind that CM is Duotactic = so only allows 2(two) notes polyphony, while playing with for example Animoog.

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Yes! Its a great relief and pleasure…to get involved…and helped!
Thanks Antonio for invitation!

I use Ipad pro m1- usb c port

My old interface Macmillan K- mix is not recognized by my iPad…
I tryed Arturia AudioFuse…its opens fully, but its a pricey …and losses portability…which i seeking…
So i still looking to simple one instead…if i really have to…

But sone YouTube video gives me a hope…
But i want wireless connection.)

I found CME midi uhost and thinking that is can be a solution- but cannot find anyone to try out…yet
I live in capital of country, but its a tree shops only…so its a loong way…and noubody around use ipads for music making…

Yes- it’s only two notes…but so precise and deep voices! Great for soloing on stage!

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I think it does work!
This is from my friend Richard Kram from the FB Haken Continuum group (hope he doesn’t might sharing it)

I use to use Ankorage SpringSound with my ContinuuMini but once again you need something like iConnectMiidi2+ (which I can’t seem to find in my studio at the moment). You can access the internal CM sounds and programming or use the SpringSound sounds.

I forgot to include a link. ‎SpringSound on the App Store

That point is solved!
Muchas gracias!

Now I need to figure out other my numbers…)
And find out the way to connect
Continium Mini to Deluge and Organelle…and proper dicent portable Audio Inteface for Ipad…

One step to EnJoy!

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See also this long discussion for other ideas.

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