Hello, Hallo, Salut, Ciao thread

Oh never too late ;-)!!
Welcome along Paul :wink:


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Welcome Paul :wave:

sorry, my fault, I should have chased up the invite… I guess i mistyped your email or something.

anyway… you now know where we have all been hiding.

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My name’s Aaron; I recently acquired a Madrona Labs Soundplane and found my way over here from Technobear’s YouTube channel. I’m interested in unique physical instruments and instrument design, and the biggest thing that pushed me over the edge on getting the Soundplane was the open source nature of it’s software. I’m planning on doing some development work to contribute back to the Soundplane app, and create my own instruments using the soundplane as the primary input.

I’m super excited that this community exists :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum. I noticed one of these on Reverb recently…? Perhaps you nabbed that one. Beautiful instruments.

welcome @hotdogaaron :slight_smile:

great to hear from another Soundplane player, a rare breed !

as you have likely noticed, we have a category for each instrument, so feel free to post ideas etc to the Soundplane category

I’m really interested to hear what you have in mind for it.
I’ve done a bit with the Soundplane source code, so if you have any questions feel free to post, and I’ll answer what I can.

I’d really like to focus a bit on the Soundplane this winter, as Ive had some ‘new’ ideas for it (and new approach) … that I really want to explore, focused on turning the soundplane into (as you say) an instrument, rather than controller.
so happy to share ideas in the above category.

that said, it’s summer here in Spain… so I tend to ease off dev/music tech, during these months, and focus more on it during the cooler months… so won’t be much going on till then.
(also I have another project to finish one Im back into the saddle before I start another :wink: )
but of course, happy to chat, in the meantime !

Hello Group.
I am Thom, from Atlanta, US. with a long time interest in ‘alternate controllers’ and expressive electronic instruments.
Lyricon, Crumar EVI, Akai EWI and EVI, Malletkat, MidiBeams, Roland Handsonic, Eigenharp Pico, Berglund NuRad EWI.
I also play acoustic wind and percussion instruments.
I do sound design, programming hardware and software synths to take advantage of alternate controllers. Apple certified in Logic and MainStage.
Recording and gigging with MainStage and too many plug-ins to mention, Dynasample Xpression, Yamaha VL1-m and VL70-m, Yamaha FS1-r, Oberheim Matrix 12 and SEM.
I am here to learn and share.


Welcome, Thom!

There is a lot of Eigenharp related discussions around here, and hopefully you will in general feel very much at home!

I am not very accustomed to electronic wind instruments, but given your list maybe you would be interested in this:


A midi harmonica from Lekholm Instruments. Lekholm and Berglund Instruments, sounds a bit like neighbour garage workshops in a Swedish villa neighbourhood!

Perhaps it is even like that! :slight_smile:

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