Hello, Hallo, Salut, Ciao thread

Hi, I’m Paul Nagle and have been making noises with synths and recording them since the late 70s. I write reviews for Sound On Sound magazine, although not many these days as I’m trying to finish my zombie apocalypse novel (which isn’t being helped much by the actual zombie apocalypse unfolding around me).

I’ve been trying to mimic human emotion for years with a view to taking the edge off my robotic sequencing. I helped in development of Sequentix P3 and Cirklon sequencers and moan online about envelopes a lot.
As I’m in the UK, I’m still waiting for a Hydrasynth but in the meantime put a deposit on an Osmose.

I should probably add that I’m one of the musicians brought together by Mike Metlay, although I have since fallen apart again.


Yeah, I knew I should have used the stronger glue. Hello and hugs to the wife and dead iguana, brother!

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G’day all,

I’m a guitar & bass player from Australia and new owner of a LinnStrument. I have always been interested in computer music but only dabbled, partly because I was too lazy to develop keyboard skills :slight_smile: I only got the LS a few days ago so very early days for me. I’m still doing a lot of reading and trying to decide what software to use and what soft synths I like.



Happy discoveries !! LS + plugins, plugin hosts, DAW…
…of course leave your thought, questions!!

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Welcome. Definitely share what you come about! :blush:

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Thanks @keymanpal @tiantong. I’ll report back when I have something useful to say :slight_smile:

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Hi everyone, I’m Piers and I’m inventing music instruments with the goal of feeling connected to the music as much as possible.
For me that means direct control over the sound, and a logical note layout.
For direct control over sound MPE is a great thing, while a logical note layout would be isomorphic and have well defined axes.

For many years I’ve been working on expressive electronic instrument, the Striso, which later turned into an MPE controller, the Striso board, that @mtyas already introduced above.

Currently I’m focussing on getting a Kickstarter campaign for the Striso board up and running, see https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/striso/striso-board/. Also see www.striso.org for more information.

Besides my own instruments I use Axoloti’s and a ContinuuMini, mostly for the Eaganmatrix. And acoustic instruments :slight_smile:


Welcome @pierstitus, great to have you here.
I’ve followed your work on the Striso ( I guess older versions ?!) and seen @mtyas playing it , it looks fun :slight_smile:

I think we also chatted before , probably on the axoloti forum - Small world :slight_smile:

I’d love to hear more about it , particularly your goals and design reasons - I think it’d be fascinating to hear, and you are of course welcome to create a post when you launch your kickstarter - to tell us more.

Hello everyone,

I have a business called Audiotecna in Colombia. We are official dealers for Moog Music, Expressive E, Koma Elektronik, Modal Electronics, Ableton and more

My interest in MPE has grown since there’s a growing number of products in our catalogue that support the protocol

¡Saludos desde Bogotá!


Welcome @bichuelo

ooh, you stock some of my favourite products … must be fun to play with :slight_smile:

yeah , MPE is definitely getting quite some exposure, its taken quite a while to get to this stage - but we seem to be finally getting to a stage where all major daws support it - this will really help it take off, and get synth developers more interested - well, I can hope!

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Hi all, Josh here. You may know me as the creator of FLAC, which I started in 2000. Also since then I’ve done a wide variety of hardware and software stints in Silicon Valley, but ironically very little to do with music/audio and I find myself now really wanting to move back in that direction again.

In the few months since I joined this board, I’ve been steadily mining the treasure of information here. What a great place!

I actually bought a broken Eigenharp from someone local recently but have had a hell of a time getting in contact with anyone at Eigenlabs about fixing it. No replies from John, Geert, or Mark Rigamonti and the other guys are very hard to track down. If you know the right person – or anyone with an Alpha or Tau to sell – please introduce me! I’ll send you a FLAC shirt with my gratitude. :slight_smile:


Welcome around Josh! @flac

For official support contact John Lambert via customerservices@eigenlabs.com

Second hand Alfa or Tau sometimes there are offers, I’ve taken notice :wink:

… also take a look https://community.polyexpression.com/c/sell-buy/19

Welcome! Yes, John would be the one to contact. Think Geert doesn’t work for Eigenlabs anymore since years (and afaik never did hardware there), he is among other things working for Moog now.

Thanks António and Ferdinand, I did try customerservices@ and got one initial response from John (so I know he’s there!) but then 3 months of radio silence after that :disappointed:

I’m just about to take my chances with fixing the Tau myself, I just need to get to the footplate. I can’t see how it would need recalibration as long as no key is separated from its emitter. If I do it I’ll definitely report back my findings here!

I am Muıгén Ní Sídach (sounds like: moor-RAYN ni-SHEE-dak)
Though my mother started me on piano as a child, I worked my way through several string instruments before mostly settling on 6-string guitar and bass guitar. both electric and acoustic.
I mostly keep to myself, however as soon as the MIDI 2.0 was formally introduced I began official development work on what I describe as a CyberMusical Ecosystem, meaning a cyberphysical system for music that leverages the plug-n-play configuration and bi-direction active property status of MIDI 2 conforming devices.

The Roland A-88MKII was the first to build a production hardware MIDI 2.0 Compliant Keyboard Controller

I am working hard to make my worker-cooperative, Na Síofгaí CybeгMusıcal the first to introduce an authentic guitar controller (not guitar-like) that communicates interactively with all of the MIDI 2.0 devices and software within the artist’s work environment. This includes other controllers, hardware/software synths, MIDI 2.0 effects pedalboard, preamp, and amp.


Hello everyone!
I was very excited to find this forum and have been lurking for a bit and wanted to say hello. I am another professional software engineer, I work in the game industry, mostly VR these days, and am an eager open source contributor and microcontroller tinkerer.

Two decades ago, I was a decent lead guitarist doing mostly blues and rock improv. I had an injury that forced me to give up the guitar and it has prevented me from playing any instrument that requires a lot of finger force. A typical guitar string might require something in the range of 40-200 N (Newtons) to fret (depending on strings, acoustic/electric, etc). For comparison, an mx cherry red keyboard switch requires a minimum of 0.45 N.

I love the expressiveness of the electric guitar and have not found a modern controller capable of the range of articulations that are possible on the electric guitar. I discovered the Eigenharp recently, but it looks like I’m 10 years too late :frowning:, I would have been eager to try it and see if it was comfortable for me.

I plink around on a Push 2 controller these days making some electronic music, but still have the dream that I’ll discover a modern instrument that I can play that allows me to express myself again in a pain-free way.


Hi Melodic! I recommend you check out LinnStrument! I personally recommend to pair it with the Equator2 software.

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I’ve been stalking LinnStrument youtube videos for a few months now. It is definitely the controller that has checked the most boxes for me. I takes a really long time for me to make purchase decisions. I wish it were as easy as hopping down to a local music store to try one out.
Thanks for the software recommendation, this is one side I haven’t invested time into exploring yet and Equator2 is unfamiliar to me, I’ll check it out.

Welcome around @melodic_malloc
Never too late ,-) actually there is an EIgenharp Pico for sale with a nice price, these days…

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Hi all. I’m Paul. I should have joined two years ago! But never got the invite.
Some (many) of you know me personally. I am a US expat living in the UK. I have a fairly involved studio and an Eigenharp Alpha, Akai EWI4000s, Linnstrument 128, K-Board Pro 4, and a laundry list of sound generation, much of which is capable of MP expression. In the last year I also put together 252HP worth of Eurorack.

I’ve been active on electro-music.com since about 2007, and I’m one of the operators on radiospiral.net (I operate the station and perform online every two weeks there).

Glad to be here finally!