Making the Linnstrument

very nice and concise video by Roger, covering how ee created the Linnstrument.
does from prototype to release, showing prototypes and how he evolved it, problems he faced and how he overcame them, including a complete with teardown of the (released) linnstrument.

as well as being clear, what I like about this video is… it really shows how anyone can prototype ideas with freely available parts etc… inspirational.
and yet, doesn’t pull its punches, on how its very different having a prototype/idea and something thats actually playable and can be released :slight_smile:


Well he glosses over several points in order to keep the video length short and accessible to non-technical viewers. You can read more about the LinnStrument’s design in the patent that I linked on the wiki.

That’s what make it interesting…
I don’t think many watching this want to build a linnstrument - it’s more interesting to hear about the approach he took, and I like his enthusiasm about giving it a go.

At the end of the day if want to build something like this yourself , it’s about rolling up your sleeves and giving it a go.
But also recognize it takes quite a few different skills to build something like this… it’s mechanical, engineering, electrical and software…
and Roger worked with others to achieve the end result.

Anyway, overall I think many of us just enjoy the story behind his journey :slight_smile:


Roger also chose to keep the components easily replaceable too. There is not much complexity with the folded aluminum chassis, silicone playing surface, steel top panel, and wooden sides. Some of them may be expensive to manufacture, but they are not custom-fabricated parts that takes years of reverse-engineering to painstakingly reproduce.

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very insightful and inspiring!

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