Many MIDI out notes not received w/ Polyend gear (glitchy/unpredictable)

My Striso is sending TRS MIDI out to a Polyend Tracker Mini TRS MIDI in via a TRS A to B converter (tracker takes midi in TRS type B). About 3 out of every 4 notes I hit on the Striso trigger a chromatically pitched sample on the tracker. Sometimes the tracker receives 6 notes in a row. Sometimes it misses 6 in a row. Sometimes a note will not trigger no matter how many times I press it and other times a note that was triggered wont untrigger and it gets stuck. Very glitchy overall and unplayable. The LED on the Striso shows it faithfully spitting out all the notes I hit and there are no problems with the onboard synth. Other midi devices connected to my tracker work without error. I do not have any other TRS MIDI in devices to test with the Striso.

Striso is set to normal mode, tried every value of ‘msg rate’ with no discernable differences, same for sensitivity threshold.

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Welcome to the forum and thanks for your question. I’m sorry to hear it doesn’t work as it should.

The Striso board is sending poly-aftertouch, pitch bend and CC74 by default in normal mode. Did you try to disable those? To do that make a preset with Mpres, My and Mx all set to 127. Off course the Polyend Tracker should be able to handle those messages, so I’d actually be surprised if it works.

Also you can try to connect with USB to a computer with a midi monitor at the same time to see if the same messages are missing. I’d also be surprised if messages are missing from USB midi though.

One other thing that could go wrong is the pedal/MIDI auto detection that was introduced in the last firmware version. If the led blinks cyan and orange-red that means it detects plugging and unplugging the trs midi cable. In that case in the config editor the jack can be set to midi instead of auto.

Could there be an issue with the cable? Is it a long cable?

The Striso board is using 3.3V for MIDI, opposed to the original 5V. That’s still official MIDI specs so Polyend Tracker should be able to handle it. I guess since the the Tracker mini is battery powered it probably uses 3.3V itself too.

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Thanks for the help Pier. I tried the first suggestion loading a preset with Mpres, My, Mx all set to 127. I also had the Mmode set to normal and jack2 set to midi. I connected to the tracker and it worked perfectly. Too perfectly as pressure was working – notes were louder depending on pressure. I didn’t expect this since I set Mpres to 127 (disabled). But it was all working promptly and accurately for about 20 seconds then the indicator light turned white and I was back to where I started: inconsistent note triggering.

While it was working the indicator light was green which is strange since green is not any of the auto-detect jack2 modes specified in the 2.2.1 release. Another strange behavior is how it just automatically changed (even thought I set the jack2 mode to be midi instead of auto-detect). And repeating the whole config change never brought me back to the green success. Just goes straight to white with inconsistent note triggering.

The cable I’m using works well with other midi note sending devices. Midi monitor shows everything working fine over usb. The 20 seconds of success gives me hope that it is possible for my Striso to cooperate with my Tracker. Let me know if you want me to try anything more specific. Thanks

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