Meta Morph : Release Announcements

Release announcements

I will use this topic to announce new releases. and their features etc

See this topic for how to download and install the latest version.

there is also a wiki for the project, as a community, lets try to build this up to a point it helps new users - to lessen the support over head.


VCV Rack Supported: VCV Rack Free and VCV Rack Pro

Platforms Supported:

  • macOS (apple silicon & intel)


This is an open source project , released under GPL, you can find the code on my GitHub repo here

if you wish to integrate your modules with Meta Morph, without the code dependancy (I’d recommend), you can use the ‘binary protocol’ API to access lights/keygroups and keys.
this is detailed on the wiki here

please note: I cannot provide dev support for vcv modules generally, but the VCV Rack forum has a great sub-forum for this purpose. here

Change History

  • 2.2.0 Initial public release

Release 2.2.0

Initial public release.
Since the ‘teaser’ there has been a lot of changes,
most ‘obvious’ is Ive been working on new panel designs with Ben Norland (big thanks to Ben!), which I think look awesome.
Under the covers there are a ton of other improvements, and also stability changes.
thanks also to Early Access testers who helped me find a few annoying issues with older intel Macs :slight_smile:

anyway… not really much to say on changes, as its all new to everyone,
so just download and enjoy

note: whilst the panel designs are different, my previous videos on how to get started are still relevant.


Milestone !! awesome work Mark ,-) new worlds for the Eigenharps!!


Thanks a lot! Think this is hitting exactly the right spot between approachability/intuition and possibilities!
Meta Morph keeps much of the intentions behind EigenD, bringing it to a much more wide-spread platform, that can be extended much easier. Having a big community who can be asked for general patching questions is a great plus! Looking forward to further experiments!


Fantastic work as always, well done!


thanks all… a quick video announcing the release.


Great achievement!
I respect your steady development and effort for the eigenharp.