Meta Morph : Share your patches

A topic to share your patches, you can just attach your vcv presets to your replies here.

I’d suggest for each patch you include:
Brief Description
Which Eigenharp it was created for.
any 3rd party modules used, beyond VCV and Meta Morph.

the 3rd party module list is important!
unfortunately, if a preset includes 3rd party modules you don’t have installed, VCV simply removes the module from the patch. so the patch wont work, and the user is given no indication as to why.
this is why tutorial/demo patches will only use Factory modules to avoid this ‘extra step’

The release also includes a few demo and tutorial patches (see post below).
It would be great to extend these over time, so if you create something thats interesting that we could include let us know. Below, I detail some guidelines for these patches.

Housekeeping Rules.

  • Keep an eye on the size of the patch before uploading
    we have limited space on the server, if these patches take up too much space. we will have to remove.
  • Don’t include samples
    we don’t have resources to look for copyrighted material etc.

Patches included with the Meta Morph release.

you will find in the

vcv tip: right click on module, and you can open the modules plugin folder !

the tutorial and core demo patches do not need any third party modules, and will work on VCV Rack free - you WILL need to set your audio device onto the AUDIO module.

please let me know if you have any issues with these patches, or if I accidentally include a module I shouldn’t :laughing:

Included tutorial patches

Brief Description:
Patches that show how to use the Meta Morph modules, and contain ‘notes’ to help explain how the patch works.

you should review each module in turn , so 1-simple first, then 2-, 3- etc.
as they build on the previous patch, and do assume you understand these.

Eigenharps : ALL
3rd Party modules : None
Files : see directory : res/patches/tutorial

Included core demo patches

Brief Description:
More advanced patches that assume you have worked through the tutorial patches.
The main focus is on combining modules in different ways, whereas the tutorial patches try to focus on one module at a time

Eigenharps : varies, see filename.
patches for specific eigenharps will contain its name in the filename
3rd Party modules : None
Files : see directory : res/patches/demos

Included adv demo patches

Brief Description:
These are patches that use 3rd party modules, so we get a bit more flexibility in sounds.
Often the name of the file will show which modules it focuses on, or if its for a specific eigenharp.

Eigenharps : varies, see filename.
3rd Party modules :

  • Vult (Free)
  • Audible Instruments

Files : see directory : res/patches/demos

Community involvement

If you would like to help new users, please consider creating new demo and tutorial patches similar to those above.
a few guidelines

  • includes one (or more) NOTES module to explain what the patch does/how it works.

  • tutorials
    only use Fundamental modules, so will work out of the box with VCV Free
    try to focus on ONE feature, you can refer to the tutorials for ‘pre-requisites’, so you don’t have to explain everything from scratch.
    try to keep patch complexity down, so that users can follow along

  • core demos
    are more complicated patches that combine different ideas.
    only use Fundamental modules, so will work out of the box with VCV Free

  • adv demos
    are more complicated patches that user (free) 3rd party modules. gives us a space to have some more interesting demos and sounds , that’d be hard to achieve with only Fundamental.
    however, as VCV does not allow for ‘auto downloading’ of required module, we will use a restricted set, which Ive listed above. we may add to this overtime.

14 virtual columns for Pico

This preset repurposes the bottom four keys of the Pico to retune the other twelve in a way that it occurs as if the Pico had additional columns left and right of actual ones in order to play scales over several octaves.

Eigenharp : Pico

3rd Party modules : Valley Plateau (optional)


Pico14Columns.vcv (2.9 KB)

updated to work with RC2

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Pico Brass

Brass sound with character (WIP)
v0.1 added a Sum module to manage polyphony.

Eigenharp : Pico

3rd Party modules : Plateau (Free)

VCV Library - Valley Plateau)


Pico-Brass+octave change via buttons v0.1.vcv (2.9 KB)


Nice patch Antonio! (The reverb is here in case someone needs a link: VCV Library - Valley Plateau)

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Pico Orient Piano

Used Karplus Strong for resembling a Piano (WIP)
v0.1 added a Sum module to manage polyphony.

Eigenharp : Pico

3rd Party modules :

Bacon Music KarplusStrongPoly
Bogaudio VCF
Bogaudio OFFSET
Valley Plateau


Pico-Orient Piano+octave change via buttons v0.1.vcv (2.7 KB)

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