Meta Morph : Download and Install


This topic details how to get started with Meta Morph


Platform Supported:

  • MacOS - apple silicon and intel (64 bit)

VCV Rack:

  • tested on both VCV Free and VCV Rack pro


Currently, distribution is direct from my Github repo, rather than the VCV Rack store.

You can find the current release here: download here


including getting started, and documentation on the modules can be found on the projects wiki page here

you may also find useful videos on my YouTube channel: here


Please bare mind this is a FREE open source project I develop in my own spare time, I support as well as I can, and with the time I have available… and I also have other hobbies, including music making :laughing:

if you would like to support me, for my efforts on this (and other) projects,
you can buy me a coffee via ko-fi : here :coffee:


  • download the vcvplugin file that matches your platform
  • copy this file into your rack2 plugins folder
    for apple silicon: ~/Documents/Rack2/plugins-mac-arm64
    for intel: ~/Documents/Rack2/plugins-mac-x64
  • restart VCV Rack.

where next?

I created a short video on how to patch. here
it was based on older panels but the basics remain the same.
also you will find tutorial patches in the plugin folder, see this post

note: when loading/creating new patches you need to configure the vcv AUDIO module to point to you audio interface

if you have other issues, please see my troubleshooting topic

… and of course, you can post questions on this forum :slight_smile:

New to VCV Rack / Modular?

Then, head over to OmriCohen’s YouTube channel, frankly, I cannot recommend his channel highly enough. Omri covers everything from beginners to advanced, has fantastic musical examples… and is highly entertaining too.
why are you still here?

Community edits

this is now an wiki article, so the community can edit to add clarification for new users, though please keep it ‘brief’, as no one reads wordy topics (however well meaning)
you can also post replies here, to add some clarifications or tips for getting started.

furthermore, you can edit my troubleshooting guide on the meta morph wiki