MIDI Tape Recorder plugin with MPE Support

new app from @gbevin :slight_smile:

basic idea is to record midi as a stream, much in the same way as we might do with audio…
(rather than force onto a grid like structure)

I think main benefit is simplicity, in the same way as an audio looper is simple and focused on a task, why not do the something with midi.


  • Four independent tracks for recording MIDI channel voice messages
  • Sample accurate MIDI recording and playback
  • Real-time display of active recorded notes and other received messages
  • MPE support
  • Multi-level undo and redo
  • Overdub recording
  • Punch in and punch out recording for automated regional overdubbing
  • Automated storage and recall of all recordings inside the AUv3 host project
  • MIDI file import and export for the project or each individual track
  • Repeated playback with start and stop locators
  • AUv3 parameters for all controls
  • Snap to beat option for positioning playhead and start/stop locators
  • Detection of MPE configuration message (MCM) reception for each track
  • Envoy of MCM at start of play or when pressing the track’s MPE button
  • Host transport and host tempo sync
  • Clear all recordings or clear a single track
  • Crop session to new duration
  • Fully resizable UI
  • Activity indicators for MIDI input and output on each track
  • Optional tool tips for every operation
  • Optional per-track record enable, input monitoring, and mute
  • Four virtual MIDI cable inputs if the AUv3 host supports it
  • Support for AUv3 user presets if the host supports it
  • Optional routing of first virtual MIDI cable to all tracks
  • Fully open-sourced under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International, an approved Free Culture License

GitHub link :slight_smile:

I was wondering if it might build / run on MacOS … might be fun
edit: just looked at the support page, and apparently this does run on macOS.

funny it kind of reminds me of the Bastl Midilooper which had a similar idea… basically take the looping model of audio and use it for midi. I was quite intrigued by that too :slight_smile:

I think the key thing here though, is its sample accurate , and handles the volume of data MPE can throw at it… I don’t think Bastl’s Midilooper is MPE enabled… which is a pity, Id actually quite like a hardware form of it. (mainly because I just don’t really use iOS)


Yep!! I did (ahah still am) beta test… privileged :wink:
Fun times with all this “tools”.



funny thing is, Ive been playing with a similar idea to this for CV for modular…
basically, on the Percussa SSP, Ive been considering writing a multitrack looping for recording both audio and cv… so multiple cv/audio loops on 1 ‘track’ , and then having 8 tracks.

one ‘extra’ I was considering was having different playback speeds… like many 4 track tape decks, so that you record the audio or cv at one speed, then play it back at a different speed.
instant, Hainbach, half speed = best speed :slight_smile:

its at the design stage, I’ve a ‘famous’ sequencer that im implement on the SSP at the moment, so once I finish that, this is high up on my priority list… as peeps are really keen on a having a looper on the SSP, and I think the above is ‘my take’ on this idea :slight_smile:

perhaps we should try to convince Critter and Guittari to do a midi looper for the Organelle… they’ve recently been doing a few audio loopers for it !


Yay, a MIDI-MPE based looper? Sounds fun!
Just wondering - if I have several looped sequences that can be played back in parallel to live-play, how is this working with the midi channels? Does every clip have a dedicated output, so one needs to attach N copies of a plugin for N parallel loops?
Or if I e.g. play with four poly-channels max then I have 16/4=4 parallel loops max?


This is interesting - but I’d love to see it for Windows or Android.

Yup, every track has a dedicated output

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The source code is available and very permissive. I don’t use Windows or Android personally.

My recorder works with older iOS devices and is quite light on CPU. Should be totally doable and cheap to get an iOS device (like an iPad mini) and dedicate it to this. Instant hardware version! :slight_smile:


just got it to compile and run on macOS … im now trying to get it to work in Logic :slight_smile:

( I guess any AUv3 host should work?)

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Yup, any AUv3 host with MIDI Processor Plugin support, I don’t know of any other on macOS than Logic though :slight_smile:

yeah… seems to be limited to Logic.
I thought MainStage might… but its not appearing there… ho hum :slight_smile:

I assume the AUv3 hosting is available in the macOS sdk? so other daws might add later?

do you think, you’ll release a wrapper for it?.. perhaps Moog can let you re-use the one you used for AnimoogZ ? ah, I guess that will need adapting for midi fx though…

I was considering looking into the wrapper, it’s pretty easy stuff, but I don’t know what the capabilities are in AUv2 and VST3 related to pure MIDI processor plugins and if that’s even possible.

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yeah. doesn’t appear to be working in Logic …
that or user error on my part, as Ive not looked at iOS version, so could be im using it wrong :wink:

but turning on monitoring, doesn’t seem to pass midi thru, and Im guessing the little dots are ‘activity’ leds, and they are not showing anything… so I suspect for, some reason, its not getting midi from logic (*)

oh well, ho hum… it was only a fun test, obviously your focus is naturally iOS!

no worries… I’ll have a look at the iOS version on my iPhone when its released.

(*) other midi fx are working, and Aalto is fine… and bypass works…

It’s supposed to be working perfectly in Logic Pro, I’m using it there and MIDI passes through, records and plays back, maybe something with the build you made. I can send you a TestFlight invite.

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ah, probably user/build error then… only thing I did on build was remove the signing, and sign to run locally.

it shows up, and can access file system… so I thought permissioning was ok… but could well be missing something.

no worries, I’ll take a look another time.

Have a great xmas, and new year !


It’s released now, if anyone wants to give it a go:


Congratulations on getting it out…

works on my iPhone …

however, released version is still not working on my Mac in Logic Pro (10.7.2) , macOS (12.1), M1 , same issue as the local build I tried… basically just not receiving showing any midi input…
I now kind of know what Im doing since, I got it to working in AUM on iPhone :wink:

no worries not a big deal, and as I said previously, it’s not really its target market.

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This is cool!
I wonder if it could be also compiled as standalone to be used as memory for lost performances. Often enough I noodle with my synths and improvise. Sometimes you get into that beautiful flow but all is lost, as nobody hit that record button…
I would let it run on startup of the Mac. If I don’t play, there is no data collected, thus should easily be able to run even for days and still would not need much memory… Could also erase everything if paused for more than half an hour…

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well anything is possible, but its not really designed for this…
I think what you are talking about is essentially retrospective recording/capture which this isn’t really.
also its not standalone… the macOS version, is still an auV3 which you need to host in logic pro.

of course, its v1, so we don’t know what’s planned for the future.

for sure, retrospective capture is a bit trendy at the moment, and a reasonably straightforward feature to add to loopers. - basically it’s a fixed loop with ‘hard overdub’.

Would this by any chance support recording and playing back of MPE+ (from a Haken Continuum)?