Modal Announce Skulpt SE Synth

More and more in love with their eco system (app/VST3); ohh and sounds :wink:
I only have their very first version of CraftSynth, that might about to change…


Looks neat! The specs mean: “Class compliant MIDI over USB connection”. So, is it a USB MIDI host? If yes: Can it power a USB instrument? If yes: How long would a Linnstrument work with those 6 batteries?

No, it’s just a USB Micro B port “for power, MIDI input and MIDI output.” (There’s a switch to select battery or USB power.) – all this per the manual.

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Ok, as usual. Connecting to and powering an MPE controller via USB would be such a logical and imho self-suggesting usecase for an MPE synth… Well, some day.

I hear ya. The only MPE synths I know of with a host port are the ill-fated Futuresonus Parva, and the Tasty Chips GR-1. (There’s also Organelle M and Norns, but you basically have to write your own synth.)


Host ports seem like an obvious thing, but they do involve quite a bit more smarts on the part of the device, and makers might not think it’s worth the added money for the number of folks who actually want them. Hell, I’d be happy if the Korg plugKEY supported its own USB keyboards. :unamused:

I have two of the original Skulpt synths. A Skulpt has four voices and supports MPE. You can polychain up to four of them for more voices but you lose MPE if you do.

I also have four CRAFTsynth 2.0s, which are monophonic but can be polychained to provide four voices. Neither configuration supports MPE.

Both of them are a lot of fun; the Skulpt is virtual analog and the CRAFTsynth is wavetable synthesis.

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