Notes on Striso triggering twice with single press

There are a few notes on my Striso board that trigger twice (i.e. two “note-on” messages) even though I only press the key once. I’ve tried adjusting the sensitivity, but it either doesn’t fix the problem, or only fixes it for a few days.

Should I send my Striso back? Or is the double triggering fixable with a firmware update?

Thanks for reporting your issue. It’s probably fixable with a firmware update. Does the extra note-on message happen on release? Or only on very short notes?

The extra note-on message appears to happen mainly on release.

EDIT: scratch that—it happens exclusively on release of the key.


Thanks again for the new configuration editor! How should I change the values of “fCfac…” and “fCoff…” for the notes that trigger a second time on release?

Just curious about this device. Does it have a non-zero velocity with note off? Some software might be janky and interpret it as a separate note trigger.

@floen I’ve implemented a retrigger delay to stop double triggers more effectively without reduced sensitivity. Please test the attached firmware and let me know if it solves all double triggers.
striso_control_2022-07-04_v2.1.5-2-g537b336.uf2 (269.5 KB)

@Photon The note off messages have non-zero velocity, if that’s a problem ever it wouldn’t be a big effort to make an option to only send zero.

Awesome. So if I understand correctly, all I need to do is test with the new firmware, without changing the calibration values.

Indeed, the calibration values are not very effective against double triggers.

Oh, certainly not a problem. It’s indeed a desireable feature. I just seem to remember having a bizarre double-trigger behavior in the past with another controller and realized it was because the software didn’t properly handle note off velocity. It’s very unlikely to be the case here, but it was a chance to offer a possible solution and get some info on the Striso :slight_smile:



The new v2.1.5-2 firmware did not fix the double triggers. It looks like if I pause playing for a bit and press the troublesome key a few times, the first one to three key presses don’t double trigger, but after that, all presses double trigger. The cycle repeats when I pause and then play again.


Did you find the time to dig a bit deeper into the double triggers? I think my Striso is defective, since no other Striso owner is mentioning this problem.

Did you try setting velocity to 0 on note off to make sure it wasn’t your software? I know, not the helpful comment you’re looking for, but I am still curious. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help again Photon :slightly_smiling_face:. Unfortunately, I don’t see an option in the configuration tool to set the note off velocity to zero. Perhaps @pierstitus can let us know how it’s done.

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I just noticed another issue with my Striso board. Another key is now double triggering, but this time, the second note-on message upon release is a higher note (a major second I believe)!

The double triggering in this case is much less frequent but still happens 5 - 10 times while I am playing.