Striso: Changing master tuning possible?


I had much fun with the Striso so far, but currently I’m wondering if it is possible to change the master tuning from something other than 440Hz (A1). I’m sometimes playing with brass/flute type instruments and they often use slightly higher A tunings (like 443Hz). Is it possible to change this in any way?
I’d be willing to maybe change parameters in Software and then re-compile/flash if that is necessary since I don’t need these changes to be made so often. Any ideas / future plans?


Hi Christoph,
Nice to hear you’re having fun!
Changing the tuning is possible, either through MIDI or by changing the firmware.

The tuning is defined in cents/note number, so you need to calculate the offset in cents: 1200*log2(443/440) = 11.76.
There are a couple of options to change the tuning:

  • Configure via MIDI by sending a pitch bend message to the Striso board. Range is ±2 semitones, so send 8192 + (11.76 / 100) / 2 * 8192 = 8674.
  • Edit the synth_control.cpp on line float start_note_offset = 62; change 62 to 62.1176 and recompile.

We’re working on a configuration editor to change the predefined tunings, so you could change one of them to 443Hz and easily switch back and forth. I’ll try to upload a beta version soon so you can test it if you like.


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Just a quick note to say that changing tunings is possible now in the new firmware New Striso board firmware with configuration editor - testing needed!

Pick one tuning and replace it with fifth interval = 700 cent and offset = 11.76.

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