What is the current state of Eigenlabs?

Like many others I’m sure, I stumbled on to the Eigenharp way too late.

Is the Alpha, Tau, or Pico being built at all anymore? Are cables/basestations/etc still available?

The online store currently errors out on checkout. Someone mentioned in another thread that you can buy via email and bank transfer, but I inquired through the contact form weeks ago and got no response.

Welcome to the forum!

I was in contact with John a few months ago (didn’t buy anything though), so technically he should be reachable. Hope he is well!
Just tried out the shop, got an SSL_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_VERSION error. Most browsers refuse to connect to TLS 1.0 and 1.1 connections these days. E.g. Firefox can be configured to still allow this, but it would of course be better to upgrade the server to something newer. Will try to get his attention and also mention this thread.



For me, I didn’t get a TLS error, I got an error message “Your order cannot be processed. Please try again later.” when getting to https://www.eigenlabs.com/store/checkout/credit/confirm/

I guess I’ll try their forum too, but I haven’t seen even a single non-spam post this year on it.

Is there another way to contact John besides the contact form?

yeah, i think most moved on to google+, then onto here… so really its only new users that tend to go there, before they join the rest of us here.

have you tried :

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Yeah, at this point it might be easier to set the original Eigenlabs forum to read only, delete the spam one more time and have a prominent link to this forum as updating the old forum software to something less prone to spam seems to be a major effort. Then it would be good if John would at least monitor the Eigenlabs subforum here for customer postings that only he might be able to answer. But it’s his decision of course. (Disclaimer: Up to now we had a good uptime ratio here, but we cannot give any guarantees regarding uptime or maintenance of course, this forum is a hobby project after all, not a commercial endeavor)

OK, I tried the customer service email, let’s see if that works.

What happens when a current owner needs servicing of their Eigenharp? I read elsewhere that they cannot be opened without being recalibrated afterwards by Eigenlabs. I’m wondering if you’d just be out of luck.

These days the technicians aren’t in house all the time afaik, but in the past there were opportunities from time to time to send in instruments for maintenance. E.g. one or two years ago there was such an opportunity for Alphas which some took.
For new instruments within warranty I guess the concept would have to be different(?) (Currently afaik only Picos and Taus are for sale.) If no repair is possible at this time then my expectation would be that one gets a new instrument and the old one is stored until the next repair opportunity occurs. But that’s just a guess.

When I had a problem with my Alpha, John quickly organised for it to be fixed.

I think it’s a testament to the quality of the eigenharps that very few have had to have them repaired/serviced - so it’s not been an issue.



John replied to that customer services address. They have some Pico stock which can be ordered via email. No Taus or Alphas. There is a wait list for the next Alpha build, though at the current rate it sounded like next year. So anyone seriously looking for an Alpha, pile on!