What is the meaning or inspiration behind the logo?

The center line reminds me of a brush drum stick. What do you think?

Maybe the person who knows the answer can wait until we get some good speculation before revealing it.

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I think I still know what it means. As far as I remember artistic credits go to @thetechnobear :slight_smile:

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lol, you can speculate if you wish…
but there is a topic, where I talked about the ideas :slight_smile:


Poly Expression Logo

its interesting reflecting on it, after quite a while, and seeing it all the time.

Im quite still happy with the basic design, esp. as seen at the top of the forum, where it is seen in a more ‘stretched form’.
these days , I feel I should crop the original image, to have a little less white space at the sides - this would particularly help the ‘square’ form of it.

also, these days where ‘dark themes’ are more common, and id quite like to create a dark theme version, then I could use a transparent background. this would not that difficult… I could try inverting line colours, or even switch to another colour, but as my original topic details, I do like the simplicity of monochrome logos. but this is just one of those things, you try, and see what comes out at the end.

but overall, the fact that its endured this longs, means its not irritated me enough to update it :laughing:


oh! I missed that thread, sorry! I love the concept of the logo, I think it looks great.

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