New support section, including forum

completely by accident, Ive noticed that now has a new support section!

Screenshot 2022-05-10 at 16.16.26

click on this and you come here

so, we can see some FAQ/Knowledge base and also a community forum

however, I did try to signup … and whilst the registration seems to have worked.
It didn’t give me a password… and If I try ‘forget password’, then it says you need to contact an administrator - so not sure if this is properly ‘live’ of not…

@embodme … is it live? can users register?

Tried to log in with my existing embodme account, at least this didn’t work.

just to say this seems to be working now :slight_smile:

Did your initial embodme password work or did you have to create a new one? (My original one doesn’t seem to do the trick)

I did « lost password »

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I simply used another email/pass = all good.

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Hi guys,

The new forum is officially out!

If you have issue connecting send us an email to
If you already sent an email to this address you are already registered on the platform so our system will ask you to Reset your password (even if you never registered one…)

Software and firmware update V1.2 release planned for Monday!

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Great!! Time slot reserved ;-)!!

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Apparently good news. I hope I will be able to use it more

Hi! Has the release been postponed? I can’t find the new software and firmware on the website.

Yes last small hiccups for older firmware compatibility with layouts.
We shall release it by the end of Day today.


OK, thanks for the info

A little more hiccups perhaps?
I hope it will be OK for tomorow :wink:

Bank holiday here today. Hopefully tomorrow …

So it seems we won:t have it this week, finally


What happend? Any news on the release?

Really looking forward to it.

Sorry still this compatibility issue and a small bug as well.
Should be good on Monday.

Could you just tell if Polyphonic Aftertouch messages will be supported in this version?

1.2 It’s out!!!
Already downloaded, installed all good.
Thanks @embodme for improvements (some of them I made the suggestion :wink:

p.s. =spoiler alert = there are some new default layouts… yeahhh!

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Thanks ! Too late/early here, but tomorrow first !