Unable to connect tau to microsoft windows


I guess the good news is that a hardware fault is unlikely at this point. It sounds like the problem is, as you say, that EigenD doesn’t load your vsts, soundfonts, etc. I don’t actually use any vsts, samples or soundfonts inside EigenD myself, so I suspect someone else will do a better job helping you with that. But it sounds like you are nearly there!

In the meantime, just to make sure: have you installed the Resources file from Eigenlabs? A large file that contains the sample loops, soundfonts, etc that EigenD wants to load.

Apologies if the following is obvious information (it is sometimes difficult to know what «tech level» someone is at.) :wink: It has probably been mentioned, but in case you aren’t familiar with the difference between 32bit and 64bit vsts: EigenD is a 32bit application and only works with 32bit vsts. However, these days most plugins are 64bit and thus won’t work in EigenD. If you want to host 64bit plugins inside EigenD you’d want to use a VST bridge, i.e. a 32bit plugin «shell» that then itself hosts the 64 bit plugin. A 32bit to 64bit adapter, if you will.

However, many of us don’t load any samples or plugins in EigenD. Instead we send midi out of EigenD and route that to some other host (for instance GigPerformer or a DAW like, say, Cubase). That way the Tau/EigenD is strictly a midi controller and the plugins actually sending audio to your soundcard is in the other software. I prefer this way myself. If you want help setting something like this up I can explain it in detail.

In any case, if you aren’t up and running soon, feel free to send me a PM if you want me to try and help you via Skype.



yup, that means driver is working, and EigenD is seeing tau

hmm, I thought the metronome was in the resources… :confused:

?thats not how it works…
you need to launch EigenBrowser,
then clicking on Browse in stage will bring the relevant details up in EigenBrowser.
(hmm there must be a video on that somewhere…)

are you sure you did the resources install? its the really big one.
if you didn’t then you won’t have the default vsts, or soundfonts, resonators or anything.
so pretty much the only thing that would work is midi !

(note: you dont ‘need’ these resources, but given your starting out, its the easy way for it to be ‘plug n play’)

does it display your plugins as its scanning?
if not then, have you added your plugins directories? this has to be done…

as I said above, unlike the Mac, Windows has never really standardised on where VSTs should be put on a hard drive, so it cannot be defaulted correctly, as there is no standard!.
basically, if you have the right paths setup, you should see each plugin attempt to be loaded, and then it will end up in either the good or bad column.
if its in the ‘bad’ its very likely its 64 bit, see previous comments on this.



by the way another way to test this, which might be in line with your goals.
is to get the midi rig working

to do this you will need to :
start eigend, load tau setup
select midi rig
launch stage, select midi rig (go to + in corner)
launch eigenbrower ,
in stage select midi output browse, to select your midi output destination

if your using hardware it’ll be listed,
however, if you want to send midi to a daw or similar, then you need to install a virtual midi device , like loopbe or midiyoke (see this post )… as unlike macOS , windows doesn’t have this functionality builtin :frowning:



Hi Mark et al.

Very slowly getting there but I want to start a clean install on another laptop.

Got piano sound to work (but octave up and down not working) and some fuzzy drums and boomy bassy sounds on the perc. keys (with yaw crossfading between voices), and also hi-hat and percusssion with the metronome sound) Am able to vary kit part volumes in Stage, and assign delay FX… But so far nothing else…
Just a quick question:

where do I find dpinst.exe ? Can you post a link pls?

I found it before and installed it on my other laptop, but cannot for the life of me remember where I found it :frowning: Yet another embarassing senior moment.)

Have copied all relevant files to flash drive (except dpinst.exe) to save loads of downloading (we have slow aerial dish and wireless internet here in BG , not cable.

many thanks again for everyone’s help.

best regds




Thanks Kai…
Yes, I may have mixed up 32 and 64 bit files in the Steinberg VST folder and in others, but Cubase and Waveform find the relevant ones , and they don’t crash the plugin search app. but just give a ‘fail to load’ message… . It seems that unfortunately, I can’t even find one plugin that loads… I had some that showed previously, as OK, but not now… Shall persevere. Can I somehow do a search in win with VST ‘attributes’, to separate them out?:





At last…

Ive found dpinst.exe…and shall have a go at fixing the installation on my other laptop.

(or at least getting two machines to partly work)

Upwards and onwards…and little by little…





I now have Eigenbrowser working and showing libraries and I can select kits and then mute and enable voices and patterns in Stage.
Some seriously spiffing grooves there! (and loads of them)
and all very well programmed and sampled…

Previously, I thought the percussion & drum section was a simple and fairly trivial drum machine (big mistake)
The more I get to work, and discover, the more impressed I am with the Tau and the software.
Onwards and upwards!




Thanks everyone for all of the help… I’m starting to find my way around the instrument at last…

A couple of questions.

I have to press the selector keys in all of the modes many times to get the relevant select key to change colour. (10, or 20 times (roughly.))
Is this normal?

The Tau freezes and locks up when blowing hard into the breath controller, (using clarinet voice) and I have close everything down via Task Manager and start full installation again from scratch. ( keys do not respond and nothing works)
Has anyone else had this problem?





I had this problem with an older computer. EigenD doesn’t cope well in overload scenarios. The philosophy as far as I understood it was that overloads lead to crackles and crackles are the death of any live performance anyways, so the focus was less on gracefully dealing with these scenarios but telling the user to prevent these in the first place under any circumstances.
I know, easier said but done as it either needs to use less demanding synthesis, bigger buffers (and thus higher latency) or even a new computer.
If the machine has plenty of cores (which is likely for a newer machine) it can help to use MIDI/OSC in EigenD only and send that to an external host that has multi-core support and suitable plugins. Doesn’t help you with the EigenD internal clarinet though. So only the buffer size up or faster computer route remain I fear. Or to restart EigenD in the case it happens very rarely and just live with it.
Or it is another thing in your case…



Thanks Ferdinand.

I have win 7 running on an Intel i5 CPU @240 Ghtz. and 4 gig of ram. I should maybe try installing on a faster win 10 laptop.

Is having to press the selector keys many times to get them to change colour normal? I thought that the install was faulty at first and then I found the multiple key presses to work.